Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival 2013

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The Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival is now accepting entries for the 2013 competitve festival.

What is experimental?

FLEX doesn't want to know in advance what experimental means. We're interested in work that challenges generic designations (including the traditional "avant-garde" or "underground" ones). Work may also draw on documentary, narrative, animation, or any other tradition-- or no tradition at all. So, what is experimental? We're hoping to be surprised by your answer.

Entry criteria

Productions completed since the deadline of the last competitive FLEX festival (October 1, 2011) are eligible. Films or videos made for commercial or industrial purposes are not eligible. All entries in a language other than English must be subtitled or dubbed in English unless dialogue is inessential to comprehension and appreciation. Maximum running time is 30 minutes.

Regular deadline: September 15, 2012 (postmarked)
Late deadline: October 15, 2012 (postmarked)

Submission of entry form and work

For the 2013 festival we are no longer accepting paper submission forms. At the end of this page you will find a link for our online application. In addition to eliminating paper forms, we are now encouraging all actual entries for preview to be submitted by way of a URL link to a streaming video on the web. We recommend Vimeo.com. If you cannot submit your entry elctronicaly you may still submit by mail.


The festival is designed to have no regard for the traditional generic categories (narrative, documentary, animation, experimental). The categories instead will be determined solely by length - small (shorter than 10 minutes) or large (longer than 10 minutes)- and format- film or video. The works will be classsified as film or video depending on what format they will screen on at the festival.


Entrants will be notified of their entry status after November 15, 2012.


Cash and in-kind awards will be given in each of the four categories. For the last competitive festival, these awards totaled more than $3000.

FLEX Fest 2013 submission form