The Films Of Stefan And Francizka Themerson DVD now available

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Stefan And Francizka Themerson, 1942PRESS RELEASE


Retail price £15, available from LUX and selected outlets now


gave us vocal chords but neglected to give us a light-producing organ.
We had to build it ourselves: The projective luminiferous eye.' Stefan
Themerson, The Urge to Create Visions


Themersons had a significant influence on the art and philosophy of the
avant-garde of Eastern Europe during the 1930s. Their work reflected
something of the Dada and Constructivist forms and ideas of the time,
but what most distinguished them throughout their lives, was their
remarkable invention and technical experiment. This was true of every
field they became involved in: photography, literature, art, design and
publishing, as well as film. They were the most important makers of
avant-garde film in pre-war Poland.  After they settled in London in
the early 1940s, they made two films under the auspices of the Polish
Government in Exile including their first British film, Calling Mr
Smith (1943), a rallying call to open the eyes and minds of the British
public to Nazi atrocities in Europe.  In London they became key figures
in the post-war cultural scene, founding Gaberbocchus Press, a major
small press publishing first English editions of Jarry, Adler,
Apollinaire, Schwitters, Queneau amongst others as well as writing
novels, poems, philosophical treaties, operas, painting and theatre
design. They died in London in 1988.


Films of Stefan and Franciszka Themerson DVD is published by LUX and
the Centre for Contemporary Art Warsaw in January 2008. The DVD
contains the three surviving Themerson films (all others were lost in
Nazi-occupied Poland) subtitled in English and Polish and is
accompanied by unpublished notes and correspondence by Stefan Themerson.


DVD contents: Adventures of a Good Citizen (1937), Calling Mr Smith (1943), The Eye and the Ear (1944-5)


To celebrate the DVD launch LUX is streaming one of the films, The Eye and the Ear on its website during January and February at