Filmarmalade. Call for artists' film and video works

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Filmarmalade. Call for artists' film and video works
Deadline March 1st 2012

Filmarmalade would like to invite artist film makers to submit film or video works for publication in our 2012 artists' film and video DVD series. Every year Filmarmalade publish a series of films, selected through a process of invited and open submission. Each DVD includes one film only and is accompanied by a specially filmed interview with the artist.

Filmarmalade DVD's include work by the following artists: Kristian De La Riva, Miranda Whall, Mirza and Butler, Adam Roberts, Julia Dogra-Brazell, Aukje Dekker, Luciano Zubillaga, Claudia Joskowicz, Emily Russell, Sara Preibsch, Alexander Schellow, Lena Nix, Miranda Pennell, Patricia Shrigley, Jenny Stark, Ralitza Petrova, Kelvin Kyung Kun Park and Francisca Benitez.

All published works will be individually screened at the IMT gallery, London and will also be available to buy at the BFI Filmstore, London, ICA, London, Close-up, London, Lux, London, IMT Gallery, London and at Image/Movement, Berlin or by order from all good bookshops. Please send film or video works on PAL or NTSC DVD for consideration to: Filmarmalade, Studio 4, 21 London Fields Eastside, London E8 3SA, United Kingdom by the 01.03.12.



Maximilian Eli Shorter's picture

Hi there,

My name is Maximilian Shorter. I am 22 years old and I am a keen video artist looking to promote my structural film 'CARWASH'. I have attached a link below of the 7 minute short and would love to get the film up and running on the video art circuit and have the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas with fellow artists. Please do get in contact and let me know how I can apply for the exhibition.

Many Thanks,


Maximilian Eli Shorter's picture

p.s. I'm currently in Grenada and am returning to the UK at the beginning of March and will not be able to get my film posted in time for the deadline. Please do view the attachment and let me know if there is any chance in the film being screened. As I mentioned previously, I would love to get involved.