Here you will find the answers to the most common questions about the website. If you don't find here the information you are looking for, just, contact us.

  • So I'm registered can I post news, articles, links, etc?

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    The registration process gives you access and privileges as an 'author'. We have a hierarchical user system:

    - Author: Authors, can create content, signify certain aspects of how the content is to be displayed and specify the date for when the material should be published. The content created for the main site (not for the wiki and the forum) must be approved by an editor/publisher to be published.

    - Editor: An editor has all the abilities of an author plus the ability to edit content of their own articles as well as that of any other author.

    - Publisher:  Publishers can perform all the duties of authors and editors plus have the ability to actually publish an article.

    If you wish to participate actively writing content for the site, send us an mail to [email protected].


  • How can I be part of 'Experimental Cinema'?

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    Just register. As an unregistered guest you will be able to access to almost all the site's contents, but you will not be able to post in the forums, upload files, send news or articles, etc...

    The registration is a very simple process. We just ask for an username, password and a valid email address, to which we will send you an email containing a link for the account activation.


  • What is expcinema.org?

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    expcinema.org is a website devoted to experimental and underground cinema. It has several sections:

    - The main site, based on a CMS (Content Management System), so their users can easily add their own content to the site (news, reviews, authors' profiles, etc...)

    - The board, a place open to discussion of (almost) everything.