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A new festival is born in Singapore. The first edition of Experimental Film Forum, subtitled 'Experiments in progress...' will be held next May 20-23 at the Substation Theatre. Highlights include a programme of local experimental films curated by filmmaker Victric Thng with emphasis on the work of Tania Sng; a workshop and screening on S8 films directed by Russel & Gozde Zehnder; a panel on the history of experimental films in Southeast Asia, the recent spate of experimental films and the direction of experimental cinema; and a symposium on distribution and the 'Human Frames' project by Lowave co-founder and filmmaker Silke Schmickl.



Thursday 20 May 2010, 19:30h
Opening Film
- Mysterious Object at Noon (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand, 2000)
Mysterious Object at noon is part fiction, part documentary, and part pseudo-documentary, about several unrelated lives in Thailand. Based on the Surrealist storytelling technique known as Exquisite Corpse, it was shot without a conventional script and relies on the subjects being filmed. Apichatpong used this technique to interview people throu  ghout Thailand, asking them to contribute to the film’s evolving story. In the process, he learns a little bit about their vivid, largely unexamined lives. It is one of the first modern Thai films that are made independently among mainstream works.

Tear Love Smile (Ho Wen-Shing, 2010)Friday 21 May 2010, 19:00h
Singapore Experimental Shorts
Curated by Victric Thng
Programme 1
- Aemaer (Loo Zihan, Singapore, 2009, 10min)
- Infinity (Ming, Gözde & Russel Zehnder, Victric Thng, Lillian Wang, Green & June, Yeo Lee Nah, Singapore, 2008, 11 min)
- A Hole In The Bed (Nelson Yeo, Singapore, 2009, 10 min)
- Tear Love Smile (Ho Wen-Shing, Singapore, 2010, 13 min)
- Peep (Wesley Leon Aroozoo, Singapore, 2010, 5 min)
- The New World (K. Rajagopal, Singapore, 2008, 12 min)

Programme 2: Spotlight on Tania Sng
Conversation with Tania Sng / Moderated by Victric Thng.
- Little Girl Shoes (Tania Sng, Singapore, 2001, 2 min)
- Singapore Dream (Tania Sng, Singapore, 1999, 17 min)
- Huo Shui (Tania Sng, Singapore, 1999, 10 min)
- No Woman, No Love, No One, No Home (Tania Sng, Singapore, 1998, 7 min)
- Voice of A Stranger (Tania Sng, Singapore, 2003, 8 min)
- One Track Vision (Tania Sng, Singapore, 2002, 4 min)

Peep (Wesley Leon Aroozoo, 2010)Saturday 22 May 2010, 14:00h
Introduction to Super8mm: Workshop by Russel Zehnder & Gozde Zehnder + Screening of Super8mm films
What makes Super 8 such an attraction for short films, music videos and even commercials in this digital age? More than just another medium, Super8mm is one of the few filmmaking formats that have achieved cult status. Originally created as a home-video device, this humble medium can create unique filmic aesthetics different from 16mm and 35mm film and has spawned film programmes and festivals dedicated solely to Super8mm films. The introduction workshop will demonstrate and explore the possibilities of the Super8mm camera and how its format can create a new experience in filmmaking.

- Low Tide (Russel Zehnder & Gozde Zehnder, Singapore)
- Take Me Home A.K.A I Saw Jesus (Russel Zehnder & Gozde Zehnder, Singapore, 2006, 16 min)
- Attack of the 50-Foot Reels by Flicker Los Angeles (Various directors, USA, 2006, 12 min)
1. 50 Feet That Shook The World, John Cannizzaro
2. The Flying Squirrel, Steve Daniels
3. The Emotional Type, Kim Grisco
4. How To Install A Better Dad, Zzalgernon
About Attack of the 50-Foot Reels: Each filmmaker chooses one roll (50 feet) of KODAK Super 8 film. Tri-x (black & white) Plus-x (black & white), Ektachrome (color) Vision 200 (color negative) Vision 500 (color negative). The filmmakers shoot their films in order, in other words, all editing and cuts that are made, are made IN CAMERA.  There are no splicers used. To make sure of this, the filmmakers turn in their "unprocessed" film to Flicker. Flicker hands the film over to Yale film and video for processing. The films are then transferred at Yale to digital video for viewing on the large Egyptian screen. The sound is started with the first picture, so if it works it works.  It's all up in the air, like life, everyday a surprise.  You never know what you're going to get.

Speech (Michaela Schwentner, 2009)Saturday 22 May 2010, 17:00h
International Experimental Shorts
- When The Movie Listens (Tulapop Saenjaroen, Thailand, 2007, 11 min)
- Retrace (Margaret Bong, Malaysia, 2007, 5 min)
- Speech (Michaela Schwentner, Austria, 2009, 8 min)
- Mobile Men (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand, 2008, 3 min)
- The Commute (León Siminiani, Spain, 2009, 13 min)
- Red Ball (Sarah van Oosterom, Australia, 2007, 53 sec)
- Good Girl and the Other (Clare Rae, Australia, 2007, 2 min)
- Cobra Mist (Emily Richardson, UK, 2008, 7 min)
- Block B (Chris Chong, Malaysia/Canada, 2008, 20 min)

Saturday 22 May 2010, 19:00h
Discussion Forum: Trends in Experimental Cinema
In this discussion forum, we will explore the state of experimental cinema now and its future direction, particularly experimental films in Southeast Asia. We will raise questions on what has been termed as an experimental film today, the trends of the experimental film movements in Southeast Asia and Europe and an introduction to a current project that bridges Southeast Asian and European experimental films via the Human Frames project.

The goal will not be to definite experimental cinema but to explore its boundaries in presentation, form and geography that have developed and the reasons for their development. The discussion forum will be held in an informal setting and will be guided by guest speakers from Singapore, Germany, Thailand and France.

Participants can expect a lively discussion and expect to leave with a better understanding of experimental cinema. No prior experience required but preferred (just catch one of the screenings!) All are welcome.

This discussion forum is supported by the Asia-Europe Cultural Partnership Initiative FILM programme, presented in collaboration with the Asia-Europe Foundation by The Substation Moving Images.

Panel members: Tulapop Saenjaroen (Thailand - Experimental Filmmaker), Matthias Ortman (Germany – Film Programmer and Critic), Silke Schmickl (France – Film Programer and Distributor), Victric Thng (Singapore – Experimental Filmmaker and Curator)

Sunday 23 May 2010, 15:00h
Experimental film projects and distribution
A talk by distributor Lowave + an intro about the "Human Frames" project by Silke Schmickl

Sunday 23 May 2010, 19:00h
Closing Film
- Earth (Ho Tzu Nyen, Singapore, 2009, 40 min)