Experimental Film Festival Portland 2013

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Experimental Film Fest Portland 2013Experimental Film Festival Portland 2013
May 2013, Portland, Oregon
Deadline February 15 2013

EFF Portland is looking for experimental shorts to feature in its second annual festival slated for May 2013 in Portland, or If you have a work that breaks form, challenges narrative convention or forces us to reinterpret our definition of cinema, we’re interested.

If you are not sure what experimental means, take out a piece of paper and pen or pencil, and begin scribbling or scratching in a manner that you may never have tried before. Close your eyes and think of nothing. Create a new language or attempt to revive one you heard in your distant memory. Overlap shapes to create new shapes. Maybe sing aloud while doing this or rhythmically hop from one foot to the other. You get the drift.

We are looking for short experimental film and video works, installations and performances under 20 minutes. If you have a longer film you feel we should consider, please contact us at [email protected].

Submission Form for Films - Submission Form for Installations/Performances

EFFPortland was sparked by the desire to fill the current need for a Portland-based experimental media festival. A major impetus of the festival is to showcase the works of local media artists through a program of screenings, installations, artist talks, and hands-on workshops open to the general public. The festival will also feature work by national and international experimental media artists. The intention is to provide Portland audiences with a window into the diversity of work being created around the globe and connect local, national and international artists.