Experimenta Weekend 2011

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The return (Nathaniel Dorsky, 2011)Experimenta Weekend, the avant-garde and experimental films strand of the London Film Festival returns once again on October 21-23. Curated by Mark Webber, together with Adam Pugh and Marina Ribera, this year's edition includes highlights such as Jonas Mekas' Sleepless Night Stories, and his correspondence with Spanish filmmaker José Luis Guerín, sessions dedicated to Portuguese filmmaker Gabriel Abrantes and Chick Strand, with newly restored prints of classics such as Loose ends and Cartoon le Mousse.

As in previous years, the section presents a selection of the most recent experimental works, including the latest films and videos by Nathaniel Dorsky (The return), Ben Rivers (Sack Barrow and Two years at sea), James Benning (Twenty cigarettes) and Phil Solomon (American Falls), who is also the protagonist of 'Feel flows', a partial retrospective at Tate Modern.