Expanded Architecture 2011 - Call for proposals

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Expanded Architecture 2011 - Call for proposalsExpanded Architecture 2011 - Call for proposals
Deadline Friday August 19th, 17h

As part of the Sydney Architecture Festival, Expanded Architecture 2011 invites proposals for collaborative,site-specific moving image projections.Selected participants will be part of an exciting one night only, exhibition in the inspirational foyer space of CarriageWorks, Sydney on Wednesday October 26th 2011.

The invitation is open to artists, film-makers, architects, design professionals, students and anyone who is interested in the intersection of architecture + art. Submissions should propose site-specific moving-image projection or filmic installations, responding to the foyer of CarriageWorks, or its immediate urban context.  We encourage proposals involving inter-disciplinary collaboration.

How to prepare a proposal for Expanded Architecture 2011
1. Have a look over the entry form and Carriageworks zones so you understand the scope and context of the exhibition.

2. Team up with an artist / architect / film-maker to create an inter-disciplinary team (not essential - but preferred). If you are searching for a inter-disciplinary, inter-national, inter-state collaborator you can list yourself through the comments section on the Call for proposals event on our Facebook page

3. Print out a copy of our projection zones map and read the tech details info. Get on down to CarriageWorks Foyer Space to identify your ideal site specific zone for the work to be projected onto.

4. Create a fabulous proposal for a site specific, moving image projection or filmic installation. The proposal must in some way respond to the architecture of the CarriageWorks building or the immediate urban context. We have left this curatorial brief quite open, as we would like to be inspired by your interpretations.  The proposal should be in written words, sketches, collages, montages etc any way that best communicates your great idea.

5. Complete the entry form and submit with all attachments requested to expandedarchite[email protected] total email size 1MB.

Deadline 5pm Friday August 19th

Selected proposals will be notified by Friday 26th August 2011.