EXiS 2010 awards

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EXiS logoThese are the winners of the 7th EXiS Experimental Film and Video Festival (Seoul, South Korea)

Best EXiS Award (best of the fest)
- Blue Tide Black Water by Eve Gordon and Sam Hamilton (2009, New Zealand, 35mm)

EXiS Award (runner up)
- Interstices by Michel Pavlou (2009, Greece/Norway, video)

Korean EXiS Award (best Korean work)
- Maitreya Circus by Neul-Saem (2010, Korea, video)

FUJI Award (Best Film)
- Kinestasis by John Kneller (2009, Canada, 16mm)

AVID Award (Best Video)
- Vortice Remixer by Marcelo Fico (2009, Chile, video)

Honorable Mention
- For Cultural Purposes Only by Sarah Wood (2009, UK, video)

International Competition Jury: SUK, Sung-Suk (Seoul), Shinsuke Ina (Kyoto), Scott Miller Berry (Toronto)
Korean Competition Jury: KIM, Yung-Ran (Seoul), Peggy Gale (Toronto)