ex•pose: Peter Bo Rappmund

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Psychohydrography (Peter Bo Rappmund, 2010)ex•pose: Peter Bo Rappmund
June 10-October 7, 2012
Laguna Art Museum
307 Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Film Screening and Q&A with Peter Bo Rappmund Thursday, July 19, 2012
University of California, Irvine
McCormick Screening Room at the Humanities Gateway Building

ex*pose is a new contemporary art program curated by Grace Kook-Anderson. Kook-Anderson is the curator of exhibitions at Laguna Art Museum and specializes in contemporary art. ex*pose will feature rotating exhibitions focusing on one emerging artist or mid-career artist at a time. The program aims to present a diverse range of artists working in all mediums and rooted in a conceptual foundation, and will encourage participating artists to take the opportunity to create new work.

Peter Bo Rappmund (b. 1979) works in film, video, photography, and sound. His process records the natural changes in the landscape, covering much geographical ground-from the flow of water from the Sierra Mountains to the Pacific Ocean in Psychohydrography (2010), to the erratic border between the United States and Mexico in Tectonics (2012). Bo Rappmund creates sporadic rhythms and time-lapse sequences, producing a visually uncanny sensation from even the most banal landscapes.

Bo Rappmund's working process is a lengthy one, recording natural and rhythmic changes in the landscape, often covering much geographical ground. In Psychohydrography, Bo Rappmund films the flow of water from the Sierra Mountains down to the Los Angeles Aqueduct, ending in the Pacific Ocean. The time-lapse film follows our water source in a way that many viewers do not have the opportunity to know first-hand, creating an experiential trajectory.

PSYCHOHYDROGRAPHY preview 720P from Peter Bo Rappmund on Vimeo.