• Making the Lost and Unmade: The Films of Bruce Checefsky

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    Making the Lost and Unmade: The Films of Bruce Checefsky examines the
    lost and unmade works of four important avant-garde experimental Polish
    filmmakers: STEFAN THEMERSON, (1910 – 1988), FRANCISZKA THEMERSON (1907
    – 1988), JAN BRZEKOWSKI (1903 – 1983), and ANDRZEJ PAWLOWSKI (1925 –
    1986).  The special presentation will include a screening of recent
    remakes based on the originals. The screened films will include
    Pharmacy (1930/2001) and Moment Musical (1933/2007) by Stefan and
    Franciszka Themerson;  Jan Brzekowski’s, A Woman and Circles
    (1930/2003), and Andrzej Pawlowski’s IN NI [OTHERS] (1958/2005).   A
    reception for the filmmaker will take place on Saturday, November 8,
    from 12 pm – 2pm at WORK Gallery located at 306 State Street, Ann Arbor.

    The exhibition is free and open to the public.  Special gallery hours
    for the screenings: Saturday, November 8, and Sunday, November 9, from
    12:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  Contact Graham Hamilton, Director of Exhibitions,
    WORK, [email protected] or 734.216.1085

    A special screening of A Woman and Circles (Kobieta i ko_a), dir. Bruce
    Checefsky, 2004 (10 min., experimental) will take place at the Michigan
    Theater, Screening Room at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday November 8, 2008.

    The Ann Arbor Polish Film Festival is an annual cultural event
    organized by the Polish Cultural Fund—Ann Arbor in cooperation with the
    Polish-American Congress Ann Arbor Chapter, the University of
    Michigan's Polish Club, and the University of Michigan.

    For more ticket information contact:


  • TIE Boston October 11,13

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    TIE at ICA / Boston
    October 11, 2008 - 6:00PM

    The Institute
    of Contemporary Art/Boston (ICA) presents TIE, The International Experimental
    Cinema Exposition – a one-day screening of experimental films
    from Boston and around the world – on Saturday, Oct. 11 at 6 p.m.
    The program is followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers and TIE Founder/Director
    Christopher May. Tickets are $10 general admission; $8 members, students,
    and seniors. For more information or to purchase tickets, call (617)
    478-3103 or visit  

    The first half of this two-part screening
    is called “To Trudge: A TIE Retrospective,” and features an eclectic
    range of U.S. and international experimental films that illuminate the
    continuing vitality and beauty of celluloid. The second half of the
    screening, “To Raise: New Films from TIE by Boston Filmmakers,”
    focuses on new work by Boston’s best avant-garde filmmakers

    The program for “To Raise: New Films
    from TIE by Boston Filmmakers” features an enlightening new selection of work
    by top Boston avant-garde filmmakers. Most are being shown for
    the first time, The artists will be present. Boston
    filmmakers include Robert Tood, Luther Price, Jonathan Schwartz and
    Rebecca Meyers. 

    Check-out the short preview by MARTÍN CABALLERO From The Dig. 


    TIE at Emerson College / Boston
    October 16th - 7:00PM

    art of the past no longer exists as it once did. Its authority is lost.
    In its place is a language of images. What matters now is who uses that
    language for what purpose. The first of a two part evening at Emerson
    College is a rare program of contemporary Super-8 work from TIE
    exhibitions. My Mess
    from Colorado-based filmmaker, Jesse Kennedy and work from Cine Parkour
    are included in this program.The second program is a collection of 16mm
    films from the U.S. and Austria.TIE curator, Christopher May will be
    present to introduce the programs.  

    About Jesse Kennedy:
    "If a writer could teach us how to read in a film, and a camera could
    be used to shoot in the most visceral sense, then Kennedy with his
    Super-8 camera and diverse medley of intellectual interests is
    ferociously, sensually, and innovatively redefining how we portray and
    experience the emotive blows of a story."
    - Rachel Cole
    , Director / Dikeou Collection 


  • MIX21 New York Queer Experimental Film Festival

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    The 21st New York Queer Experimental Film Festival presents a new installation by Peter Cramer
    October 15-19
    217 Water Street @ Beekman.
    2, 3, 4, 5, J, M, Z
    trains to Fulton St
    A & C trains to

    Peter Cramer is featured with a new multimedia installation titled  Mousa ‘a Muse’

    An amuse bouche for the 21st anniversary
    of MIX.  Mousa ‘a Muse’, perhaps ultimately from Greek, translates the
    Middle English mosaic from French mosaïque, based on Latin musi(v)um 
    as a a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored
    pieces of hard material in this case image, light and sound producing a
    combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole
    reproducing the arrangement of photosensitive elements in a television
    camera delivered as projection of an individual (esp. an animal)
    composed of cells of two genetically different types and in the case of
    mosaic disease, a viral disease. Also an adjective of or associated
    with Moses.

    Peter Cramer will plumb his 30 year NYC archive of people, places, politics and porn.
    Co-Founder of Petit Versailles and numerous other manifestation he has been part of the MIX Festival since inception.
    Expect the parting of seas and the remains of a burning bush.

    Mousa ‘a Muse
    Peter Cramer    2008   NYC.
    Mulitcolor multimedia audio /video/ slides/ film/ found objects installation.
    30 minute loop. dimensions variable.
    All screenings at:
    217 Water St
    (at Beekman)
    South Street Seaport
    New York, NY

    2, 3, 4, 5, J, M, Z
    trains to Fulton St

    A & C trains to
    Tickets for all regular programmes are $10
    Opening & closing night shows are $15

    Tickets may be purchased HERE


  • 4 Visual Music programs in Ithaca, NY

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    Cornell Cinema in Ithaca, New York screens four of Center for Visual Music's curated Visual Music programs, beginning October 15, in their Willard Straight Theatre.

    Wed. Oct. 15 - Oskar Fischinger Retrospective: Optical Poetry.
    Featuring 35mm preserved prints of his classic visual music films, including Allegretto, Study No. 6, Study No. 7, Radio Dynamics, Composition in Blue, Motion Painting No. 1, Kreise, American March, Spirals, Coloratura, Spiritual Constructions, Walking from Munich to Berlin, and others. Prints preserved by Academy Film Archive, Center for Visual Music and Fischinger Archive.

    Oct. 22 - Mary Ellen Bute Program
    (CVM presents this program in association with Cecile Starr and Women's Independent Film Exchange). All of her short abstract Visual Music films, 16mm.  For more about her films, see program info on CVM's Bute page:

    Oct. 29 - Essential Visual Music: Rare Classics. 16mm. NEW CVM Touring Program.
    From German pioneers to Light Show psychedelia to Experimental Animation classics, little-seen films from the Collection of Center for Visual Music; most are preserved prints. Includes films by Oskar and Hans Fischinger, Charles Dockum, Jules Engel, Mary Ellen Bute, Jud Yalkut and more. Many of these films were
    preserved with the support of the National Film Preservation Foundation.

    "The Rare Classics program abounded with priceless opportunities to witness the genre's often-referred-to-but-rarely-seen works...and some mind-blowing  footage from early expanded cinema performances."  (Danni Zuvela)
    Full program details and Review at:

    Nov. 5 - Legendary Light Shows. Video and 16mm.
    Flashback to the 1960's with a program of rarely seen film and video by legendary light show artists from San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles: Glenn McKay, Tony Martin, Elias Romero, Joshua White, Single Wing Turquoise Bird, Jud Yalkut and others, plus the light show finale from David Lebrun's Hog Farm Movie. Featuring light, color and liquid projections layered with film and handmade slides, originally performed live at rock concerts. Selections from this program were featured in the 2005 US exhibition "Visual Music" at the Hirshhorn Museum and MOCA LA. 

    For tickets, showtimes and directions for these 4 shows, please visit Cornell Cinema's website:


  • The 10,000 Mile Bike Race Live event

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    Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and kino21 present:


     Thursday Oct 16th, 7:30pm
     YBCA Screening Room
     701 Mission St at Third St.
     San Francisco


    This live music, narration and projection performance is based on a chapter, about a promotional race between a 5-man bike team and an express train across Siberia, from Alfred Jarry's  outrageous 1906 Novel THE SUPERMALE, known on Wikipedia as the "first cyborg sex novel."

    The text is interpreted simultaneously in three ways:

    On FILM  by local celluloid celebrities
    Bill Basquin, Paul Clipson, Jerome Hiler, Kerry Laitala

    In MUSIC  composed by Graham Connah
     played live by his crack 8-piece pickup ensemble

    By SPEECH  through the dulcet and sinister tones
     of poet and master orator Brent Cunningham


    Commissioned and produced by kino21 for Bay Area Now 5
     a triennial art and performance exhibition


  • Olsen (October 10)

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    Friday 10 October 2008
    Hyde Park Picture House, Brudenell Road, Leeds, LS6
    Doors open 10pm for tea, cake and live music by Verdine Etoria, Dave Kane & Alex Hannan
    First films start 10.20pm

    Olsen returns to the Hyde Park Picture House with a free late night offering of avant-garde film, plus music, tea and homemade cake. The evening will feature two hours of rarely seen and little known pieces of experimental film history by the likes of Gunvor Nelson, Standish Lawder, Malcolm Le Grice, Ernst Schmidt jr, Christopher Maclaine and Saul Levine; alongside vibrant new work by Greg Pope, Jeanne Liotta, Steve Reinke, Steve Roden, Fred Worden, Mark Fell and Stephen Sutcliffe. Expect bagpipes, repetition, flickering, fluxus, curtains, cartoons, minimalism, night skies, gravestones, repetition, luminance, silence and swearing.

    Beforehand and during the interval, tea and cake will be served and Verdine Etoria (guitar), Alex Hannan (violin - 7 Hertz) and Dave Kane (double bass - LIMA) will provide musical interludes.

    Full programme:
    Presented as part of Light Night:, funded by Leeds City Council.


  • TIE: Paonia, CO, October 23-26, 2008

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    Paradise Theatre and KVNF Public Radio Present: TIE, The International
    Experimental Cinema Exposition: Paonia, CO, October 23-26, 2008.

    TIE was founded in 1999 to preserve cinema and its exhibition form.  TIE exists to illuminate
    experimental film of the highest caliber, as well as join, recognize and
    serve filmmakers dedicated to the art and experimentation of the
    celluloid motion picture. Since the festival's inception, it has
    screened more than 500 innovative historic and contemporary films.

    Paradise Theatre and KVNF Public Radio are proud to present this year's
    festival in Paonia, Colorado. Situated in within the Rocky Mountains of
    Colorado, this rural  community is known for its dedication to the arts
    and small-town hospitality. Paonia is also known for producing some of
    the state's highest quality organic fruits, vegetables and wines.

    us for an excellent international event which illuminates experimental
    filmmaking from several continents. TIE has proudly selected Paonia for
    the 2008 festival and conference based their ability to exhibit film,
    professionally archive, record and broadcast filmmaker round-table
    discussions, as well as offer a unique stay for a highly creative and
    adventurous group of visiting avant-gardists and curators. Events take
    place at the Blue Sage, the Paradise Theatre, KVNF, HunterGatherer
    Gallery as well as in special outdoor locations.

    the art of avant-garde cinema among a beautiful group of creative
    individuals in wondrous Paonia. Tune in to round-table discussions,
    attend workshops and gallery installations, as well as make mew friends
    and meet-up with old acquaintances.


  • Abstracta @ The Living Theatre, NY

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    international abstract cinema exhibition


    Sponsored by the President of Italian Republic

    and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs



    October 12th, 2008, from 10pm to 12pm and October 13th, from 8pm to 10pm

    At THE LIVING THEATRE, 21 Clinton Street – New York City

    abstracta The Only Festival of Its’ Kind in the World Today


    abstract cinema exhibition carried out in Liege , Belgium , in 1951,
    organised by artist Jean Raine and film-maker Cobra witnessed the
    participation of the masters of the cinema of '20s and '30s, Leger,
    Duchamp, Dulac, Ernst, Veronesi, Len Lye, Richter, Henry Moore and

    Today, after the great success of the 2006 and 2007 editions, Link Campus University of Malta, Zac
    Association and The Living Theatre present the third Abstracta
    Exhibition with 45 filmmakers from around the world, a forum where the
    authors of this cinema, as old as its fictional counterpart, can meet,
    confront each other and exchange ideas and opinions.


    At  THE LIVING THEATRE, 21 Clinton Street – New York

    October 12th, 2008, from 10pm to 12pm and October 13th, 2008 from 8pm to 10pm


    Abstracta is on Via Nomentana 335 - Roma - tel 0039 0640400239.


    Massimo Pistone is the Director of the Exhibition.

    [email protected]


    The members of the International  Jury
    are Americo Sbardella, Chairman (Filmstudio 80, Roma), Vanna Fadini
    (Link Campus), Pip Chodorov (Revoir, Paris), Gerardo Lo Russo ( Rome -
    Academy of Fine Arts –Director), Simonetta Lux ( La Sapienza ,
    University of Rome ), Javier Aguirre (Anticine, Madrid ).


    The definition of Abstract Cinema given in 1926 by Rudolf Kurtz doesn't seem to describe completely enough  this immense conceptual field, however, in substantial agreement with the thesis of Georges Roque (“What Is  Abstract
    Art?,” 2004) and, above all, with the 1951 essay by Jean Raine
    (“Fondement d'une étude sur le film abstrait”), we have delineated
    Abstract Cinema as the one "that does not tell stories".

    In this way, we have broadened the scope of the conceptual character of   the abstract.

    ambition of the Exhibition is to find a way to enable Abstract Cinema,
    which has been plundered by fictional cinema, music videos and
    advertisement, to promote itself as an independent and valuable



    The PROGRAMME in New York city


  • Election 2004 Double Feature Benefit At Monkey Town

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    an evening of politics and art from 2004 to put this year's antics in context
    October 13 8pm (one screening)
    the proceeds of the screening, a donation will be made in Sarah Palin's
    name to the Planned Parenthood MInnesota, North Dakota, and South
    Dakota Action Fund
    *A line written by Paul Simon for Leonard Bernstein's Mass (1971).
    A screening of activism-oriented video, performance documentation, and new media from 2004
    Curated by Nick Hallett
    the race to the White House consumes our nation's collective attention,
    let's take a look back to the 2004 election and celebrate the unique
    spirit of that year when the art world in New York and across the
    country took up the mantle of this country's great activist tradition.
    artists who make political work do so regardless of their calendars,
    but the high stakes of '04 yielded contexts for agit-prop art and
    performance unseen since the late 1960s. Initiatives like Downtown for
    Democracy and the Imagine Festival united New York's artist communities
    against the Bush administration as the RNC rolled into town. The
    Internet matured as a critical venue for countercultural action in
    attempts to revise standard models of protest. Audiences and critics,
    eager to experience their own distaste for the current state of affairs
    distilled into forms of art and entertainment, gave greater voice to
    explicitly political work. Guerrilla theater filled the streets at
    every opportunity for nose-thumbing, resulting in countless arrests,
    while cellphone cameras rolled to create a new kind of
    folk-documentary. Culture and politics collided in vivid and memorable
    This collection of work from four
    years ago offers itself as something of a time capsule, although not
    enough time has passed for true nostalgia to set in. The 2008 election
    is playing itself out very differently than its predecessor. Without a
    concrete enemy to inspire rage, Americans--artists included--seem to be
    placing their faith in the system and its candidates. But how different
    is our country's situation? Aren't we even worse off than four years
    - ASCII Bush, Yoshi Sodeoka, 2-channel video installation, 2004
    - I Need a Contingency Plan, Taylor Mac, video document of Live Patriot Acts: Patriots Gone Wiiild!, 2004
    - Campaign Spots, Guy Richards Smit/John Pilson/Lou Fernandez, video, 2004
    - March for Women's Lives, April 25 2004, Pink Bloque/Blithe Riley/Dara Greenwald, video, 2004
    - Keanu Reeves for President, Laura Parnes, video, 2004
    - Folk Music and Documentary, Seth Price, video, 2004
    - 2304 Is a Beer Drinking Year, Jen Liu, video, 2004
    -, Cory Arcangel/Jonah Peretti, video download, 2004
    - The President of the United States, James Tigger! Ferguson, from Live Patriot Acts: Patriots Gone Wiiild!, 2004
    - Arnold's Ass, Laura Parnes, video, 2004
    - Big Screen Version, Aaron Valdez, video, 2004
    - Play the Game, Imaginary Company/Peter Glantz/Ben Jones, television advertisement, 2004
    - Fuck the Vote, Carbon Defense League, video, 2004
    - See the Elephant! (excerpt), Ryan Junell, multi-channel installation mixed to video, 2004
    - (includes document of musical work Ringing for Healing by Pauline Oliveros)
    - Jamming: By the Waters of Babylon (excerpt), Saul Levine, 16mm transferred to video, 2004
    - Listen (excerpt), Aldo Tambellini, video, 2004-05
    - White Man, Suicide, video document of live performance shot by Punkcast/Joly MacFie, 2004
    - Vote for Bush or Burn in Hell, Laura Parnes, video, 2004
    - TXTMob, Institute for Applied Autonomy, video, 2004
    - A World With No Bush, Julie Atlas Muz, from Live Patriot Acts: Patriots Gone Wiiild!, 2004
    - Up Came Oil!, The Yes Men/Patrick Lichty, computer animation and video, 2004
    - Libber, Wynne Greenwood, video/performance, 2004
    Total Running Time: 80 mins
    followed by C RED BLUE J
    directed by Chris Sollars
    RED BLUE J is an experimental documentary feature that illustrates the
    complications of division during the 2004 Presidential election as it
    is manifested in one family. Director Chris Sollars, an artist living
    and working in San Francisco sets out to try and bridge the political
    gaps in his own family between a younger sister who works for the Bush
    Administration, a Born Again Christian father, and Lesbian mother. C
    RED BLUE J is pieced together through an archive of family super-8
    films, photos, interviews, and art videos. The story personalizes the
    political division of the 2004 Presidential campaign as the Gay
    Marriage Vote is tactically used to split the Nation’s vote and the
    director’s family. C RED BLUE J puts a face to the name of the
    opposition and reconstructs the lack of communication within a family
    and the nation.
    Featuring music by John Dwyer (Coachwhips), Hisham Bharoocha (Soft Circle), and Fuckwolf
    Sollars wants to figure out why his family is so politically
    divided—he’s an arty San Francisco liberal and his mom’s a lesbian,
    while his dad’s a born-again Christian and his sister is a Dubya
    cheerleader working for the Department of Energy. Using home movies,
    photos, interviews with his family, old political ads, and footage from
    the 2004 election, Sollars assembles a collage film that attempts to
    locate connections between American political scandals and his family’s
    dysfunction. (His parents’ divorce, for instance, is discussed amid
    footage of Iran-Contra.) Mondale ads didn’t accomplish anything in
    1984; what makes Sollars think they’ll work any better now?" (Mark
    Nick Hallett is a musician and
    curator interested in the intersection of music and multimedia. He has
    programmed at The Kitchen, Netmage, Aurora Picture Show, All Tomorrow's
    Parties, Artists's Television Access, Pacific Film Archive, Ocularis,
    Monkey Town, Issue Project Room, New York Underground Film Festival,
    Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Mass Art Film
    Society, and Secret Project Robot among others. His music series,
    Darmstadt, hosted with Zach Layton, was included in the New York
    Times's "Best of New Music 2007." He originated the band Plantains,
    which from 2000 to 2003 performed as a live multimedia outfit,
    incorporating electronic music and video. Nick enjoys singing music of
    several varieties, namely experimental contemporary art song of his and
    other's doing, and has appeared recently at The Kitchen and Joe's Pub.
    note about this benefit: The typically blue state of Minnesota has been
    classified as a toss-up in the upcoming election. The Action Fund is
    doing grassroots organizing to educate Midwestern voters about the
    McCain/Palin ticket's anti-choice policies, which could directly affect
    which way it swings on November 4. Nearly one million bucks has been
    raised for Planned Parenthood via this popular (and truly unofficial)
    campaign and we think helping out the Minnesotans who are doing this
    important work is especially necessary to make sure the state upholds
    its liberal roots. Plus Sarah Palin will get a card in the mail
    notifying her of the donation.
    Monday, October 13 at 8pm
    Monkey Town
    58 N 3rd St.
    Brooklyn, New York 11211
    tickets $8 to $20 sliding scale benefit for Planned Parenthood Action Fund of Minnesota and the Dakotas
    L to Bedford


  • Cinema Abattoir presente JX Williams

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    CINEMA ABATTOIR presents

    JX Williams
    The cinema of J.X. WILLIAMS

    Thursday, October 2 2008
    at L'ENVERS (185 VAN HORNE)
    Door opens: 20H / Screening: 21H / 10$

    Presentation by Noel Lawrence (Other Cinema) of the recently discovered films by legendary underground filmmaker JX Williams.
    Screening in 16mm of Peep Show (1965), Psych-Burn (1968), Virgin Sacrifice (1970) and Satan Claus (1975).

     Plus a programme of subversive shorts:
    - Gash (Usama Alshaibi, US, 2008, 2 min)
    - Runaway (Usama Alshaibi, US, 2008, 2 min)
    - Patient (Usama Alshaibi, US, 2008, 2 min)
    - Man spricht Deutsh revisited (Filmgruppe Chaos, Allemagne, 2001, 2 min)
    - Antékid (Serge de Cotret, Québec, 2008, 6 min)
    - Satan Bouche un Coin (Jean-Pierre Buoyxou, France, 1968, 10 min)
    - Antychryst (Adam Guzinski, Pologne, 2002, 27 min)