• Tenderpix: a week of experimental film screenings

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    Tenderpixel is pleased to present Tenderpix a week of experimental film screenings running this summer. From July 23rd to July 31st Tenderpixel is once again collaborating with Rushes Soho Shorts, providing visitors with an opportunity to view some of the most intriguing contemporary experimental films from all over the world. There are multiple creative ventures occurring in the gallery this month, so be sure to stop by to catch a flick, or to partake in an artist Q&A, and to see Mimi Leung's glowing and animated illustrations adorning the walls.


  • Light Reading Series 9: Films By Samantha Rebello

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    Light Reading Series 9
    Films By Samantha Rebello
    London Light Reading
    Wednesday 29 July 2009, at 7pm

    Division of the Tissues (Samantha Rebello, 2006)
    Division of the Tissues (Samantha Rebello, 2006)

    Light Reading’s ninth series continues with a screening of films by artist Samantha Rebello as a critical overview of her practice to date. She will be screening some recent work including The Object Which Thinks Us: OBJECT 1 (2007), In Suspension (2008), Division of the Tissues (2006) and The Surface of Residual Matter [sound by Angharad Davies](2006). She will also screen Outer Casings of A Few Small Creatures (2004) as well as some work in progress.

    Samantha Rebello’s work demonstrates a prolonged exploration and interest in the composition of sound and image. Her work deals with the materiality of the filmic subject, its surfaces and tangibility, and through the friction and merging of the two (sound and image) reveals the links between them.


  • ping pong presents, screen-play

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    ping pong presents, screen-play

    Sunday, 26 July 2009 - 7 pm
    The James Taylor Gallery
    Collent Street, E9 6SQ Hackney, London
    Free. No booking required.

    screen-play looks at a selection of works that turn a blind eye to conventional narrative structures. The presented videos focus on altering the stage of actions, resisting their accomplishment. They do so by playing with the position of the subject and the duration of the time frame. The invited artists propose technical and conceptual shifts that fracture the viewers' expectations, reversing the course of the events and the context in which they take place. This mode of operating allows for a redefinition of the source material employed, as well as a reframing of the setting in which the action occurs.

    - Emanuel Almborg, Newsreel, 2008, 10min
    - George Barber, Absence of Satan, 1985, 4.46min
    - Slater Bradley, Recorded Yesterday, 2004, 2.02min
    - Matthew Noel-Tod, Bicycle Thief, 1998/2001, 3.30min
    - Maria Domenica Rapicavoli, My Ideal House, 2007, 2.20min
    - Brian Rhodes, Glenn Branca Solo Phaseshift, 2009, 7min
    - Zbig Rybczynski, New Book (Nowa Ksiazka), 1975, 10.26min
    - Jozef Robakowski, The Market, 1970, 6min
    - Sepideh Saii, Buffalo 66, 2008, 1.49min
    - Alessandro Sambini, Presidents, 2009, 8.45min
    - Patrick Ward, Reception, 2004, 4.31min

    The notions of repetition, overlapping and de-contextualisation are stretched out to turn the ordinary into the cinematic and the cinematic into the performative. It is where actions and contexts lose their original significance that new interpretative spaces are created - spaces that go beyond any presupposed reading.

    screen-play is part of the project A Cinema (July 23 - 26), which brings together the exhibition playing with narratives and the screening Narrative Shorts by Jonathan Entwistle. For details of the programme see:

    ping pong is a double act founded in 2009 that explores the dynamics of curatorial  dialogue. It is a continuous flow of ideas that produces unexpected results over the process of exchange. The only exception to the rule is that the ball never falls, simply keeps bouncing. ping pong is Marialaura Ghidini and Gaia Tedone.


  • ICA Artists' Film Club: Lois Rowe

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    ICA Artists' Film Club: Lois Rowe
    London ICA Theatre
    Wednesday 22 July 2009, at 7pm

    Orlando (Lois Rowe, 2008)
    Orlando (Lois Rowe, 2008)

    Artists’ Film Club is proud to present the work of Lois Rowe, whose films and videos explore the narrative voice, the ambiguities and limits of language, and the role of narrative and language in establishing histories of power.

    Rowe will be in-conversation with Anja Kirschner, and will present Orlando (2008) and Argument from Design (2006). The artist will also show a number of films that have particular resonance with her own practice, including work by George Barber, William Raban and Marine Hugonnier.

    This event is free but booking is required, call the Box Office to reserve your tickets.


    ICA Theatre
    The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH
    Nearest Tube: Charing Cross / Piccadilly Circus

    FREE admission, booking required
    Box Office: 020 7930 3614


  • Oporto apresenta #15: Fog pumas

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    gunvor_nelson"Fog Pumas" by Gunvor Nelson

    Thursday, July 16, 2009, 11 pm

    in collaboration with Dorothy Wiley
    16 mm, colour, stereo sound, 25', 1967

    Gunvor Nelson is one of those acclaimed avantgarde-film-makers who, in the sixties, settled in the Bay Area. Since then she has been doing highly personal pieces revealing a strong poetic and feminine awareness. Her camera and montage talent releases the unseen musical quality trapped in things. In "Fog Pumas" beauty arouses unexpectedly from a surreal context. In her words the film is "a surreal fantasy populated by an imaginative assortment of human beings, creatures, places and events.

    "an entropic requiem"
 - Alexandre Estrela

    Oporto is a studio and a non-profit screening room located in Lisboa. Occupying the former Merchant Sailors Union headquarters, Oporto projects from time to time a single unique experimental video or film. The programme is exquisite and extremely slow.The selection of the pieces screened is made, not only on the basis of the work itself, but also on an overall idea of an exquisite corpse . The space is directed by artist Alexandre Estrela, in cooperation with designers and associate program managers Antonio Gomes and Claudia Castelo a.k.a. Barbara Says and artist Miguel Soares. Sponsored by GAU- Gestão de Audiovisuais.


  • BFI Southbank: Time and Space

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    Time And Space
    London BFI Southbank
    Sunday 19 July 2009, at 6:10pm

    These three films, made within two years of the Apollo 11 landing, by artists who were pioneers in the development of conceptual art in Britain, capture a contemporary fascination on the part of artists and public with the events and imagery of space exploration. At the same time, they continually return to the concerns of everyday life on earth. The films will be introduced by curators Nicholas Alfrey and Joy Sleeman, who will be joined by artist David Lamelas.

    Ian Breakwell & Mike Leggett, UK, 1971/2003, video, b/w, sound, 15 min
    ONE documents a performance by Breakwell at the Angela Flowers Gallery, celebrating the gallery’s first anniversary and coinciding with the Apollo 14 manned mission to the moon in February 1971. Throughout an eight-hour ‘working day’, a group of labourers shovel dirt in a room on the second floor of the gallery. This activity was simultaneously broadcast via CCTV to a monitor in the gallery’s street level window. As the day went on and the original piles became a layer of mud on the gallery floor, the live footage struck a striking resemblance to that being fed back from the moon, drawing the attention, and confusion, of passers by.

    A Study Of Relationships Between Inner And Outer Space
    David Lamelas, UK, 1969, 16mm, b/w, sound, 20 min
    A STUDY OF RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN INNER AND OUTER SPACE begins with an analytical investigation of the architecture of one of the galleries at the Camden Arts Centre, where the film was originally shown, along with interviews with gallery staff - a gallery manager, a guard, a clerk - revealing some of the structure and hierarchies within the institution. In the second part of the film, the focus shifts to the environment outside the gallery, the city and its infrastructure, its transport and weather systems. Finally, these ever increasing circles take us out onto the street, where passers by are quizzed about ‘the most important subject according to the mass media of information, on the 21st May, between 5 and 7 pm, time when the interviews were filmed.’ That subject happens to be the Apollo 10 lunar probe, the final ‘rehearsal’ for the moon landing in July.

    John Latham, UK, 1971, 16mm, colour, sound, 25 min
    A visual countdown of the age of the universe, through time and space, to the surface of the earth. Latham was fascinated by the photographs of the earth that were being returned from the first space missions.
    From their great distance, these images described the perspective which Latham felt was necessary to perceive our temporary habitation of the planet in relation to what he called the ‘whole event’, the Universe. Periods of silent black space are punctuated by momentary glimpses of the earth, getting closer as the film rolls.  As the camera zooms in, there is a change of pace when an entire volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica flickers past, frame-by-frame. In the final frames of Erth a blurred figure is seen in the landscape, a representative of the “brilliant streptococcus organism for which no antidote exists” (JL).

    "Time and Space" is a satellite event of the exhibition "Earth-Moon-Earth" (Djanogly Gallery, University of Nottingham, until 9 August) and the third in a series of screenings organised by John Latham's Flat Time House in Peckham. The event is presented at the BFI in collaboration with Flat Time House, and the Djanogly Gallery.


    BFI Southbank
    Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XT
    Nearest Tube: Waterloo / Embankment

    Tickets: £6.40
    Box office: 020 7928 3232


  • Roger Beebe - New Maps of the New World

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    Roger Beebe: New Maps of the New World
    Film and Video work
    Friday, 17 July 2009, 21:00 h
    Bergstraße 2
    10115 Berlin-Mitte

    Artist Roger Beebe, who also has a background in critical theory, works closely with the cinematographic image, using super-8, 16mm film and video. His visual language is largely based on the American Avant-garde, at least on that tradition that is defining film not as “moving image” but as the medium emergent from the differences between single pictures, between takes and edits and, possibly, scenes or chapters. Beauty, meaning and movement are achieved by the viewer’s perception of these differences, oppositions and similarities.


  • The Young and Evil at LACMA and Outfest 2009

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    Last year invited Stuart Comer to curate an exhibition of his choice, the result was The Young and Evil, a show that took place both online and in the auditorium. After their London debut these programmes will be presented in Los Angeles, thanks to LACMA and Outfest 2009. On the 14th July audiences can see the offline selection in the Bing Theatre at LACMA, followed by a Q&A with both the artist William E. Jones and Stuart Comer. Three days later Outfest 2009 will present the online selection at REDCAT as part of the festival's Platinum showcase.


  • Tank tv: Lisa Oppenheim July 1st-21st

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    Story Study Print (Lisa Oppenheim, 2005) dedicates its July exhibition to the work of American artist Lisa Oppenheim (New York, 1975). Oppenheim, who was awarded the Illy prize in 2007, works mainly with appropriated filmic and photographic material that range from archival photographs, daguerrotypes or pictures dowloaded from the internet, which she uses to create unconventional associations to question the standard representational value of media. The works selected for this exhibition include her new piece Yule Log (2009), E-M-P-I-R-E (2008), No Closer to the Source (July 20,1969) (2008), The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else (2007) and Story, Study, Print (2005)
    "Lisa Oppenheim’s work constitutes an archaeology of visual culture. She brings the hidden, under-appreciated and repressed into view, and in the process reveals an ordering of things that goes beyond our commonplace responses. Her work ranges from damaged negatives from early 20th century news stories, personal photographs posted on ‘Flicker’ by soldiers serving in Iraq through to the constellation of the day and location of famous historical media stories." Press Release from ‘The Making of Americans’ at STORE 2008


  • Weekend in the Pines

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    Weekend in the Pines

    In collaboration with Cinema Abattoir and the Double Negative Collective


    Projection / Sonic Levitation
    316 Murray Street # 205, Griffintown
    Film Screenings begin at 8pm each night / Music at 10pm

    Friday July 3rd
    Subversive Short Film Program 1
    - Whilst
    - Tom Carter (Charalambides / USA)
    - Zaimph (Marcia Bassett from Double Leopards, Hototogisu / USA)
    - Menace Ruine

    Saturday July 4th
    Subversive Short Film Program 2
    - Karl Lemieux Projection Performance w/ Hyena
    - Hive and David Bryant
    - Chromosphere
    - Dreamcatcher
    - Bill Nace (USA)
    - Metalux (USA)

    Sunday July 5th
    The Films of Etienne O'Leary
    - Steve Bates
    - Novi_sad (Athens, Greece)
    - Bruce McClure Multi Projection Performance (USA)