Xcèntric: A camera of one’s own. Film portraits and diaries by Ute Aurand, Margaret Tait and Marie Menken

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A central figure on Berlin’s film scene, Ute Aurand makes her films in the tradition of the diary and the filmed portrait, strongly influenced by Margaret Tait, Marie Menken and Jonas Mekas. Films that explore the private lives of her friends, the beauty and sensibility of light and the textures of spaces, meticulously edited and structured “that evoke the specific rhythms and the personality of people and places captured by the camera”. This programme centres primarily on the recent filmed portraits of Aurand, whose work has just started to become known internationally in the last few years. It is brought together with that of Tait and Menken, with the presentation of a little-known film made on a trip to Spain with Kenneth Anger and left unfinished. Ute Aurand will be present at the screening.

- A portrait of Ga (Margaret Tait, 1955, 16 mm, 4 min)
- Happy Bees (Margaret Tait, 1955, 16 mm, 16 min)
- Bagatelle for Willard Mass (Marie Menken, 1961, 16 mm, 6 min)
- Hanging Upside Down in the Branches (Ute Aurand, 2009, 16 mm, silent, 15 min)
- At Home (Zu Hause) (Ute Aurand, 1998, 16 mm, 2 min 50 s)
- Paulina (Ute Aurand, 2011, 16 mm, 5 min)
- Franz (Ute Aurand, 2011, 16 mm, 5 min)
- Maria (Ute Aurand, 2011, 16 mm, 3 min)
- Susan + Lisbeth (Ute Aurand, 2013, 16 mm, 7 min)
- The Gravediggers of Guadix (Marie Menken, 1961, video, silent, 45 min) [preserved by Anthology Film Archives, New York City].



Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 20:00
  • Carrer de Montalegre, 5
    08001   Barcelona, Barcelona
    41° 23' 1.986" N, 2° 10' 0.4116" E