Where the Air is Clear: Autonomous Forms of Remembrance

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When an image is seen it begins to decompose. When a story is told it starts to be a conversation. For Colectivo los Ingrávidos, this gradual disappearance in the process of transmission is a shared space of listening, where poetry becomes an autonomous form of history. 

Their poor images and sounds are shifting configurations arranged by intuition and friction: they disintegrate, get downloaded, re edited, separated from the sound, and multiplied, connecting with each other and cracking up visual grammar like an egg. Against the supposed neutrality of documentary images, archival sound recordings reactivate dominant political discourses, reconnecting the old injustices with the present. The interaction between the images dissociates their communal narrative practices, generating a complex and paradoxical relationship that disrupts the sense of discourse, and stimulates the perceptive domain of the viewer.

This program includes a selection of Colectivo los Ingrávidos work, found sound and found footage videos, intertwined with digital pieces, improvised music, 16mm footage digitally reproduced, projected images, newspaper clippings, and footage from public protests. Almudena Escobar López will be in conversation with a member of the collective to talk visual improvisation, and poetry as tools of historical resistance.


  • Visión de Anáhuac (2018)
  • CI(s)NE NEGRO (2018)
  • Transmisión/ Archivo de Indias (2014)
  • Batalla (2017)
  • Piedra de Sol (2017)
  • Paralaje (2017)
  • Altares (2019)
  • Coyolxauhqui (2017)
  • Pandora (2020)
  • Impresiones para una máquina de luz y sonido (2014)
  • Soldadera/ Percusión Visual (2014)

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