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Join Whammy! as we welcome NYC's Joe Wakeman to the microcinema for a 2-day showcase of his recent work in both feature length and short form, co-presented by NYC's Millennium Film Workshop on Tuesday January 16th and Wednesday January 17th.

‍Filmmaker and video artist Joe Wakeman works in all manner of moving image media, ranging in tone from the satiric to the diaristic to the indescribable. Executive Director of NY’s Millennium Film Workshop, a nonprofit organization that supports non-commercial and self-started moving image artists, the ethos of the handmade, DIY or punk film that is the spiritual bedrock of Millennium’s community is reflected likewise in Joe’s body of personal work.Tues 1/17- Recent Short Works

On Tuesday 1/16 will be a presentation of recents Short Works on 16mm, VHS, and digital, including recently completed music videos for Gold Dime (‘Denise’ ,‘Wasted Wanted’) and Nite Music (I’ve Got To Make The Call’ - shot and edited using all-analog VHS cameras, decks, and mixers). Much of Joe’s work centers around looking at the things outside ourselves we construct our identities out of, and the way this extends to costume and place. These identity-constructions manifest as both farce and introspection, sometimes existing side by side in the work.


  • "Cornelia/Fabian (Takes 2 & 1)", 2022, 16mm to Digital 5 min‍
  • "Memoires (Paris Vu Par)"2022, 16mm to Digital 8:30 min
  • "Gowns"2022, iPhone/16mm to Digital 7:30 min
  • "Kate M.", 2023, 16mm ‍3 min
  • ‍"Girls in Chelsea", 2023, 16mm 3 min‍
  • "Gold Dime: Denise", Joe Wakeman & Andry Ambro 2023, Digital 6 min
  • ‍"Gold Dime: Wasted Wanted", 2023, Digital ‍5 min
  • ‍"Nite Music: I’ve Got to Make The Call", 2023, VHS ‍6 min‍
  • "Pea Island", 2016, VHS ‍18 min

7:30 doors, 8pm screeningTICKETSWed 1/17 - THE SHOPLIFTERS

The Shoplifters (2018) is the story of a group of would-be Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries play-acting Ché Guevara in contemporary Brooklyn. Their movement hiccups when they’re forced to confront the fact that their revolutionary tactics have more to do with petty theft and sartorial choices than worker solidarity: in the final analysis, what they really want is to be seen wearing berets.

‍Starring Joe Wakeman(Writer/director), Sannety, Taylor Bruck, Max Goldbaum, Candice Fortin

‍Followed by an in-person Q/A with JW and writer/actor Taylor Bruck.FILMS:

THE SHOPLIFTERS dir. Joe Wakeman, 2018, Digital (MiniDV/VHS/2K)

70 min 

7:30 doors, 8pm screeningTICKETS

Joe Wakeman is a video artist, musician and filmmaker, based in Brooklyn, NY. Executive Director of Millennium Film Workshop, performing member of art rock group Acrylic Gesso, their films, art and musings can be found at josefwakeman.com


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