VISIONS 07|15 - Robert Todd

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VISIONS in collaboration with the Double Negative Collective presents a double event with the presence of the artist.

A specialist in lyrical 16mm filmmaking as well as a sound and visual artist, Robert Todd continually produces short works that resist categorization. In the past twenty years he has produced a large body of short-to-medium format films that have been exhibited internationally at a wide variety of venues and festivals including the Media City Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Les Rencontres Internationales, Black Maria Film Festival, Nouveau Cinema in Montreal, Cinematheque Ontario, the Harvard Film Archive, Pacific Film Archive, the Paris Biennial, Slamdance Film Festival, and others. His films have won numerous festival prizes, grants, and artist’s awards. He teaches film production at Emerson College in Boston.

July 16, 21h - The poetics of spaces: The films of Robert Todd

- Falling (7mins, 2014, 16mm, sound)
Moving through fall’s end and beginning, falling.

- Seawall (4mins, 2013, 16mm, sound)
Borderlands, Facing East and South.

- Spans (15mins, 2013, 16mm, sound)
Silent bridgings, life upheld in various configurations.

- Cove (7mins, 2012, 16mm, sound)
Facing West, glistening embers: a week of observations along the waterfront.

- Slow Rise (7mins, 2014, 16mm, sound)
A day rises, and makes its own time.

- Local History (4mins, 2014, 16mm, silent)
Glimpses of historical figures, lost in time.

- Undergrowth (12mins, 2011, 16mm, sound)
A blind predator dreams through its prey's eyes: an experiment in oneiric points of view.

LOCAL HISTORY excerpt: Third of the Day Trips trilogy from Robert Todd on Vimeo.

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July 19, 21h - The poetics of spaces: The films of Robert Todd

"Master Plan portrays various strata of “managed” housing in America, from individual homes to prisons, mixing accounts of the planners’ rationales for their designs with residents’ testimonies concerning the quality of life within these structures." – Robert Todd

Master plan trailer from Robert Todd on Vimeo.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 21:00
Sunday, July 19, 2015 - 21:00
  • 3536 boulevard Saint-Laurent
    H2X 2V1   Montreal, Quebec
    45° 30' 47.5884" N, 73° 34' 16.8096" W