VISIONS 07.11.15: Philip Hoffman

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VISIONS in collaboration with the Cinémathèque québécoise presents: Philip Hoffman - passing through/torn formations (16mm, 1988, 43mins)

“Philip Hoffman has long been recognized as Canada’s pre-eminent diary filmmaker. For over twenty years he has been straining history through personal fictions, using the material of his life to deconstruct the Griersonian legacy of documentary practice. As an artist working directly upon the material of film, Hoffman is keenly attuned to the shape of seeing, foregrounding the image and its creation as well as the manufacture of point of view. Hoffman’s films are deeply troubled in their remembrances; he dusts off the family archive to examine how estrangement fuels a fascination with the familiar surroundings of home. (Karyn Sandlos, Toronto Images Festival, 2001)

Filmmaker present

"passing through/torn formations accomplishes a multi-faceted experience for the viewer—it is a poetic document of Family, for instance—but Philip Hoffman's editing throughout is true to thought process, tracks visual theme as the mind tracks shape, makes melody of noise and words as the mind recalls sound." (Stan Brakhage)

Presented as part of Créer/Montrer/Conserver : symposium sur l'art vidéo et le cinéma expérimental

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Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 19:30
  • 335 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est
    H2X 1K1   Montréal, Quebec
    45° 30' 49.7916" N, 73° 33' 45.4176" W