VISIONS | 06.07.17 + 07.07.17 | BRETT KASHMERE

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06.07.17 + 07.07.17 | Brett Kashmere
[plus films by Nathaniel Dorsky + Robert Breer + Nam June Paik + Lillian Schwartz + Takashi Ito + Yvonne Rainer + Will Hindle]

VISIONS, in collaboration with Available Light Collective and la lumière collective, presents: Brett Kashmere

Brett Kashmere is a filmmaker and writer living in Oakland, California. Combining archival research with materialist aesthetics and hybrid forms, his work explores the intersection of history and (counter-) memory, sports, and popular culture. Kashmere holds an MA in Film Studies and an MFA in Studio Arts from Montreal’s Concordia University and is currently a PhD student in Film + Digital Media at University of California, Santa Cruz. He is also the founding editor of INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media.


06.07.17 | From Deep
Brett Kashmere | 2013 | HD video | 88 minutes“Part sociological treatise, part mix tape, Canadian director Brett Kashmere’s ambitious documentary, From Deep, delivers a high-energy history of the three-decade love affair between basketball and rap.” – The Globe and Mail

[Filmmaker present]

07.07.17 | Deep Play: Sport & Experimental Media
Curated by Brett Kashmere"This program offers a cross-section of the ways that athletics have been treated historically in artists’ film and video; from examinations of the vernacular and sports’ mass mediation, to interplays with its accoutrements, geographies, architectures, and audiovisual grammar. My intention in exploring the convergence of sports and experimental media (more accurately, the induction of sports into experimental media), is to suggest an equivalence of practice, skill, and flow, and to nudge a conversation. What can the media arts provide formal and critical analyses of sport? And conversely, how might popular conceptions of sport inform and enrich nontraditional approaches to the representation and examination of athletics on screen? Here I conceive of the relationship as a non-zero-sum game, where both sides (potentially) benefit. Or, alternately, one that opens a space for productive failures." - B.K.

A Fall Trip Home | Nathaniel Dorsky
1964 | colour | silent | 11 min | 16mm
Bang! | Robert Breer
Colour | sound | 10 mins | 1986 | 16mm
Lake Placid ‘80 | Nam June Paik
Colour | sound | 1980 | 4 mins | video
Olympiad | Lillian Schwartz
Colour | sound | 3 mins | 1971 | 16mm transferred to video
Spacy | Takashi Ito
10 mins | hand-tinted b&w | 1980-81 | 16mm
Volleyball (Foot Film) | Yvonne Rainer
10 mins | b&w | silent | 1967 | 16mm transferred to video
Watersmith | Will Hindle
32 mins | colour | 1969 | 16mm

[Brett Kashmere present + 16mm & HD projection]
20h00 | 7$
la lumière collective [7080, rue Alexandra, #506, Montréal]

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Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 20:00
Friday, July 7, 2017 - 20:00
  • 7080, rue Alexandra
    Montréal, Quebec
    45° 31' 53.5872" N, 73° 37' 8.3388" W