Visionary Cinema - My Personal Underground: Experimental Shorts by Peter Conrad Beyer

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Visionary Cinema – My Personal Underground
experimental films by Peter Conrad Beyer
program 60 min

From the lighthouse on Hiddensee to the Mayas in Mexico and back to the - Hohe Meißner -, entering the empire of Mother Hulda. All short films are without dialogues and work exclusively with purely audiovisual means.

Friday 09 09 2022 20h
location - Speicher am Katharinenberg / Stralsund
free entrance (donations)

16 mm, 9 Minuten, s/w, Magnetton, Experimentalfilm, Germany 2002

The hidden star reveals itself only after a period of serious personal struggle.
Each of us has their own star; you too can make it shine.

selected Screenings //
European Media Art Festival Osnabrück
Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt am Main
Cinema Different Paris

16 mm auf Video, 5 Minuten, Farbe, Ton, Experimentalfilm, Germany 2005

BREATHOUGHT is a cinematic attempt to deconstruct rationality; to this end it employs a number of different languages, as well as a videotaped landscape which periodically changes color. The result is the creation of a meditative state, which is intended to provide a neutral mental space for the spectator, hence facilitating access to a new level of communication and intuition.

selected Screenings //
Kunstfilmbiennale Köln
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

16 mm auf Video, 10 Minuten, Farbe, Ton, Experimentalfilm, Germany 2006

DE DENTRO, which was mainly shot in Mexico, deals with the spiritual power of this country, which can be found in both the nature and in its people. De dentro attempts to portray or conjure up the atmosphere of various rituals of the shamanic Maya and Huicholes tradition at a documentary and physical level.

selected Screenings //
Centre Pompidou Paris / 30 years of Lightcone
25 FPS Zagreb / Winner Competition
International Filmfestival Rotterdam

Super 16 mm auf Video, 28 Minuten, Farbe und s/w, Ton, Experimentalfilm, Germany 2013

Starting by a documentarily observed nature ritual, the film ATROPA is leading the viewer by minimalistically sound pictures to abstract rhythmical images and patterns.The known rational outer world merges with the inner space, which gets perceptible by the picture language of this film.

selected Screenings //
International Filmfestival Rotterdam
International Filmfestival Karlovy Vary

Super 16 mm/DSLR, 8 Minuten, Farbe & S/W, Ton, Experimentalfilm, Germany 2020

The raven dreams of nature, he dreams of a world of plants and insects.
He travels, flies into nature. He is nature itself. Nature itself dreams into trance.

selected screenings //
Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen
Internationales Film Festival Edinburgh
Tonnau Short Film Fest / Winner Competition
Kinoskop Belgrad IFF Analog Experimental

before and after the screening the Super-8 bar will be open

all films distributed by Light Cone Paris
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Speicher am Katharinenberg - Stralsund, Germany


Friday, September 9, 2022 - 20:00



Friday, September 9, 2022 - 20:00
  • Katharinenberg 35
    18439   Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    54° 18' 39.3084" N, 13° 5' 5.9856" E