Underground Friends, Reunite! - Selected Works of Japanese Underground Cinema

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“UNDERGROUND FRIENDS, REUNITE! Selected Works of Japanese Underground Cinema”

Third appointment of Borgo Santa Brigida 5/a to rediscover japanese underground cinema, this time bringing around twenty filmmakers to Parma together with their films, most of which have never been screened overseas.

Each afternoon's screenings will be held at 8 pm at Borgo Santa Brigida 5/a Theatre, 100 meters from Piazza Garibaldi, presenting respectively two unique and heterogeneous programs:

A “Seasonglong”  - 140 minutes

  • Signify  Ryo Ishikawa/8mm⭢digital/6min/2019
  • Far Away  Mikio Yamazaki/8mm⭢digital/16min/2003
  • Oscillation  Shun Ikezoe/8mm⭢digital/3min/2020
  • Bara-ka tanpopo  Utako Koguchi/16mm⭢digital/8min/1990
  • Killer Camera  Yoichiro Serizawa/8mm⭢digital/4min/1995
  • Pedestrians  Tohru Mabuchi/8mm⭢digital/5min/2012
  • Beautiful Moments  Keiko Utagawa/miniDV⭢digital/6min/1999
  • Smile Film  Kenji Onishi/8mm⭢digital/7min/1995
  • Don’t Dare to Stop Love  Yoko Oguchi/16mm⭢digital/54min/2012
  • Blue Sky Juice  Kazushi Ozawa/16mm⭢digital/7min/1996
  • Resolution  Masanobu Nakamura/16mm⭢digital/16min/1987
  • Sky (Kara)  Takanori Yoshio/8mm⭢digital/7min/1987

B “Emotion Pictures” - 155 minutes

  • his/her  Shun Ikeoze/8mm⭢digital/2min/2020
  • Gatakami Kagura Lagoon Prayer  Haahoof/digital/3min/2021
  • Unauthorized People  Ryota Kawaguchi/8mm⭢digital/15min/1994
  • My Honeymoon  Shigeta Uchimura/8mm⭢digital/40min/2002
  • Matsumoto  Tohru Mabuchi/8mm⭢digital/9min/2010
  • Je T’Aime  Mari Terashima/VHS⭢digital/8min/1986
  • An Acid Field  Yuri Obitani/miniDV⭢digital/7min/2007
  • Smoking High  Kenji Onishi/8mm⭢digital/17min/1997
  • The Destructive Light Will Come  Tamami Midorikawa/8mm⭢digital/29min/1996
  • Distant Home Movies  Shin’ichi Miyakawa/8mm⭢digital/14min/2021
  • Aitai  Mikio Yamazaki/16mm⭢digital/14min/2002

More than twenty works are scheduled, including shorts, medium-length films and feature films, including diary films, narrative films and more structural works oriented towards the manipulation of film as well as the video format.

The films shown cover over thirty years of work and experience the transition from analogue to digital. The two programs embrace both ways but still seek to give voice and visibility to some of the alternative and independent artists that have continued to produce their works on small gauge.

A chance to see the world of japanese underground cinema in its sheer diversity and in its defiance of any label, but above all a chance for curious people, enthusiasts or just friends to come together. Santa Brigida opens and invites anyone who wants to spend a couple of hours gathered in distant places, times and perspectives.

Finally, on the evening of 2/16, a surprise bonus film will be screened, so stay with us until the end of the screening for this tribute to the origins of Japanese underground cinema!

We thank Underground Cinema Festival and Art Saloon collaboration for the important restoration work of the films by Masanobu Nakamura and Tamami Midorikawa, essential works of the japanese underground scene, finally unearthed.

We also want to thank Spice Films, Cinematrain and Mikio Yamazaki for the continuous support provided in the realization of this event, making their films and those of their friends available for the first time in Italy.

All works will be projected digitally thanks to copies made available by the filmmakers.

The ticket price for each evening is €7.

There is the possibility to book a place in advance via

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Repeats every day 2 times.
Thursday, February 15, 2024 - 20:00
Friday, February 16, 2024 - 20:00



Thursday, February 15, 2024 - 20:00
Friday, February 16, 2024 - 20:00
  • Borgo Santa Brigida 5/A
    43121   Parma
    44° 48' 8.0568" N, 10° 19' 45.9552" E