Turbidus Film #18: Margaret Rorison & Jenny Gräf

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Turbidus Film and Fylkingen presents Margaret Rorison (US) and Jenny Gräf (us/dk) in person.
16mm Film Screening / Live Music / 16mm Film And Music Performance

Curators: Daniel A. Swarthnas, Margaret Rorison and Jenny Gräf.


Part One
Margaret Rorison
16mm film screening

Margaret Rorison is a filmmaker and curator from Baltimore, Maryland. Her work often comes from solitary walks through rural and urban landscapes, using in- camera editing techniques and field recordings to create form and find structure. She is interested in the visceral nature of memory and it’s dialogue within space and experience. Sound, walking and travel are important components to her films.

- The Birds Of Chernobyl (2012, 16mm, sound, 7’00)
This piece was originally made as a performance with a live collage soundtrack. This is an ode to my grandfather, Harry Bennett and our shared interest in solitude and landscape.

- Vindmøller (2014, 16 mm, sound, 3’00)
This short film is a study of the wind turbines along the shores of Amager, Copenhagen. Triple exposed on one roll of color film, then finding four generations of grain. The soundtrack is a recorded live improvisation by artist Mario de Vega using unstable media and acoustic resonators.

- Memory Of August (2016, 16mm, sound, 5’00)
A series of moments captured in room 139. Intimate spaces of time spent with my grandmother, Margaret during a month long recovery in a rehabilitation center in Baltimore, Maryland.

- Der Spaziergang (2013, 16mm, sound, 3’00)
This film documents long walks throughout Berlin, Germany during the cold days of April 2013. The film is edited in camera and composed of single frame snapshots along with longer moments of glance, captured on one 100’ roll of film. The title comes from a story by Robert Walser.

- One Document For Hope (2015, 16mm, sound, 8’00)
The sterile and procedural narrative of the Baltimore City Police Scanner on Monday April 27 against precious moments of gathering, celebration and protest in Baltimore from April 28 – May 3, 2015.

- Smoke, Shadows, Gliding Further When Alone (2016, 16mm, work in progress, sound, 4’00)
A personal document of the architectural landscape and formal beauty of the city of Baltimore. This piece is an excerpt of a longer work in progress called, Restoration of a Memory.


Part Two
Jenny Gräf Sheppard
Live Electronic Sound

Jenny Gräf Sheppard creates harsh, hypnotic landscape of sound combining hacked up song structures with outbursts of staccatic noise. Largely known for her experimentation in live improvised sound performances using tactile, non-conventional instruments, Gräf has been an integral part of the experimental subcultures in Chicago, Baltimore and Copenhagen where she now lives and works. But her work also includes long-term collaborative sound projects designed for women with Alzheimer’s in order to research and expand understanding of memory and identity through sounds, as well as participatory sound compositions that subtly direct the audience’s awareness to their own complicity in a performance work. She performs and exhibits sound installations throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S. Her recordings are on labels such as Load, 5rc, Atavistic, Hanson, Utech, Troubleman in addition to many self-released titles.


Live Performances:

Part Three
Margaret Rorison and Jenny Gräf Sheppard
16mm Landscape Films with Live Soundtrack

- Scansion (2012, 16mm, 8’00)
“...in complete consciousness I understood what for me walking travel and cinema had in common. Sometimes I preferred walking, that is to say, talking with my legs over speaking, which is to say, walking with my mouth- but basically, it’s the same thing” ?-Serge Daney
Scansion is a short 16mm film composed of extensive walks through various Baltimore landscapes. The film has been hand edited like a poem, where cuts function like line breaks, working to establish inherent rhythm and meter.

- The Road To Kalmar (2015, 16mm, 7’00)
This piece is an ode to Anna Karlson, who was born in Kalmar, Sweden and immigrated to North America in 1909 to start a new life. She was born to a family of poor farmers, many of whom died early on. Anna moved to the United States by herself when she was 19 years old. The footage was shot in Kalmar, Sweden by her great granddaughter, Margaret Rorison 94 years after Anna left her homeland.

- Pull/Drift (2013, 16mm, 9’00)
This film documents a unique choreographed performance that took place one late summer afternoon in Patapsco State Park in Baltimore, Maryland. Choreographed by Clarissa Stowell Gregory and performed by The Effervescent Collective.

- Lichtenberg Skies (2016, 16mm, 3’00)
Studies of the Klingenberg Power Plant during a month long residency in Berlin. November 2015.



Saturday, January 14, 2017 - 20:00


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    118 25   Stockholm, Stockholm
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