Toying with String: Ute and Detel Aurand/Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson

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Ute Aurand’s trilogy of films Toying with String I-III (Fadenspiele I-III) was made in a spirit of artistic spontaneity and improvisation with her sister, the painter Detel Aurand, between 1999 and 2013. Filmed inside the artist’s studio and outdoors in forests, fields, and mountains, they feature various natural and manmade materials invisibly manipulated to create images in a constant state of metamorphosis. This aspect of the sisters’ films serves as a bridge to the work of Vancouver artists Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson, who will show a selection of films from their collaborative and separate practices.

Ute Aurand has been making experimental films in the lineage of Jonas Mekas, Marie Menken, and Margaret Tait since graduating from the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin in 1985.  Julia Feyrer works with film, sculpture, sound, and historical photographic techniques to address themes of the corporeal and the temporal. Tamara Henderson translates her experiences of unconscious states, such as dreaming and hypnosis, into sculpture, furniture, and film scenarios. The two artists began working together in 2009 while studying at Frankfurt's Städelschule, and have exhibited their collaborative installations at Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, and the ICA, Philadelphia.

- Fadenspiele (Ute and Detel Aurand, 1999. 8 min, 16mm, silent.)
- Fadenspiele 2 (Ute and Detel Aurand, 2003. 8 min, 16mm, silent.)
- Fadenspiele 3 (Ute and Detel Aurand, 2013. 9 min, 16mm, optical sound)
- The Artist's Studio (Julia Feyrer, 2010. 5 min 5, 16mm, digital sound.)
- Neon Figure (Tamara Henderson, 2013. 2 min 55, 16mm, optical sound.)
- Spirit of Garfield (Tamara Henderson, 2012. 2 min 55, 16mm, optical sound.)
- Escape Scenes (Julia Feyrer, 2013. 4 min 37, 16mm, silent.)
- Gliding in on a shrimp sandwich (Tamara Henderson with Jeannine Han and Dan Riley, 2014. 2 min 55, 16mm, optical sound.)
- Accent Grave on Ananas (Tamara Henderson, 2013. 2 min 55, 16mm, optical sound)
- Bottles Under the Influence (Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson, 2012. 9 min 43, 16mm, optical sound)

Image Gallery: 

Fadenspiele 2 (Detel & Ute Aurand, 2003)
Fadenspiele 2 (Detel & Ute Aurand, 2003)


Wednesday, August 5, 2015 - 19:30



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