Thin Places: Works by Deborah Stratman

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The Uinversity of Rochester Film and Media Studies Program and the Dryden Theatre welcome filmmaker Deborah Stratman to Rochester, April 13-14th. Thin Places includes nine works by Chicago-based filmmaker Deborah Stratman focused on epistemological questions embedded in the relationships between humans and their envirnonments. 


- ...These Blazeing Starrs! (16mm film, 14:16 min, 2011)
- Musical Insects (video, 6:30 min, 2013
- Palimpsest (16mm, 3 minutes, 1993)
- Untied (16mm, 3 minutes, 2001)
- How Among The Frozen Words (video, 44 seconds, 2005)
- The Magician's House (16mm, 5:45 minutes, 2007)
- It Will Die Out In The Mind (video, 3:50 minutes, 2006)
- Hacked Circuit (HD video, 15:05 min, 2014)
- In Order Not To Be Here (16mm, 33 minutes, 2002)

Post-screening Q&A with the artist 
FREE & open to the public

This screening will be complemented with a second screening of The Illinois Parables (2016, 16mm, 60 minutes) on Friday, April 14th at 7:30 pm at The Dryden Theater, George Eastman Museum at Rochester. More details about this second screening here.

These screenings are sponsored by the University of Rohchester Film and Media Studies Program, The  Dryden Theatre, The Graduate Program in Visual and Cultural Studies & the University Committee on Interdisciplinary Studies.

Poster design by Adam Maida.



Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 18:00 to Friday, April 14, 2017 - 17:55
  • University of Rochester
    Hutchinson Hall
    14627   Rochester, New York
    United States
    43° 7' 30.9396" N, 77° 37' 51.0168" W