Synchronised Fallibles - Laura Hindmarsh & Bea Haut

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Australian artist Laura Hindmarsh and London based artist Bea Haut bring together two 16mm film based works featuring the artist embodied within the frame. Present and exposed, yet deceptive through the coupling of alterations in time and space, these works complicate human gestures and unravel 'charged moments'. Laura Hindmarsh is an Australian artist based in Tasmania, currently undertaking a self-directed residency in London. Her practice is an ongoing inquiry into the nature of perception and representation, and is informed by experimental music, expanded cinema and meta-fiction – works that demonstrate their own process and condition of existence. Bea Haut is a London based artist who works primarily with 16mm film in an expanded form. This manifests and behaves as sculpture, installations, projections, photography and printmaking. Haut programmes Analogue Recurring, a screening series dedicated to celebrating experimental film.

- Exposure Test (Laura Hindmarsh, 16mm; B&W; Sound; 3 min loop; 2014)
Negative and positive images feed off one another eliciting ghostly forms in disorientating realms. Segments of time are recorded, looped and overlaid as counterpoints that can interact with one another as the artist completes movements within a defined space.

- Abject Noise (Bea Haut, 16mm; B&W; Optical Sound; 3.5 min loop; 2014)
A study of the optical sound strip on film, where light triggers sound. Objects as noise, passing across and out of the film frame, then through the unseen strip. The artist, the action, and the consequent sound, all skirt around the edges of the visible.

Exposure Test by Laura Hindmarsh was made while on residency in London, with mentor Sally Golding. With thanks to David Leister, Bea Haut, Sebastian Sussmann (Double Negative Darkroom), James Holcombe and Karel Doing (, and Apiary Studios. Supported by the Ian Potter Cultural Trust, the Copyright Agency Creative Individuals Career Fund, and Arts Tasmania Artsbridge.

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Exposure Test (Laura Hindmarsh, 2014)



Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 18:00 to Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 20:55


  • 458 Hackney Road
    E2 9EG   London, London
    Reino Unido
    51° 31' 55.3872" N, 0° 3' 32.1624" W