Spaghetti Style

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The term 'spaghetti style' refers to pouring and agitating film in a developing tank, much like stirring spaghetti. Some view this as a cheap, non-standard approach that deviates from regulated processes. However, for those who venture outside institutional norms and believe in the accidental beauty that emerges from deficiencies and lacks, it represents a precious alternative method. Inside the darkness, films overlap, brush each other, and leave their traces. When the lid of the tank and the door open, the light enters the darkroom. And it's time to visually confirm the accumulated and weathered marks of the past months.

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"Spaghetti Style CONVENTIONAL" Section (16mm Film Projection)

- Study for Three Streams (Park Kyujae, 2024, B&W, Mono, 5', 16mm) Study for Three Streams was shot at Hongjecheon in Seoul, Mokgamcheon in Gwangmyeong, and Gulpocheon in Incheon. It captures the impressions of three streams in three different cities. Each of the three streams intersects and overlaps with images of the filmmaker’s own body.

- A Woman with a Movie Camera (Boyoon Choi, 2024, B&W, Stereo, 8', 16mm) A Woman with a Movie Camera is the result of an experiment and an exploration on the 16mm film camera shooting, developing, and hand printing of her father.

- Dream and Retrospection of Go Taeyoung (Go Taeyoung, 2024, B&W, Stereo, 18', 16mm) The artist looks back at the passing of time and raises his camera to capture it. He looked back at the fragments of time that he had accumulated, and once again looked back at the time that had passed. The traces of time left on the film begin to move as light passes through them, some as memories, some as dreams. Even though not much time had passed, some of the things he wanted to recall became dreams, and some of the things that seemed like dreams remained clear in his mind. What did Goh recall and what did he dream of? It is not clear, but he embraces the past time and tries to finish the work of Dreams and Retropection of Go Taeyoung.

“Spaghetti Style EXPANDED” Section (Installation, Performance)

- TOS (TAHI, 2024, Color, B&W, Stereo, 5min, VR) The message in virtual reality

- fotofiction (HwiHwi, 2024, B&W, Mono, Approx. 5' 30", 16mm Film & 35mm Slide Performance) fotofiction is a film that adds time to the photos by printing them on 16mm using photos taken on 35mm black and white film around the hometown since 2011. It is about novel-like stories that occurred on this island, listing scenes left behind by people and nature as time passes.


Space Cell - Seoul, South Korea


Saturday, February 24, 2024 - 19:00



Saturday, February 24, 2024 - 19:00


  • Pyeongchangmunhwa-ro 6-1
    03019   Seoul, Seoul Special City
    South Korea
    37° 36' 12.726" N, 126° 57' 45.9576" E