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In early 2024, Space Cell invited Richard Touhy & Dianna Barrie (Nanolab, Australia) to do the first Kineko workshop. Due to the increase in the price of film and the disappearance of professional laboratories, Korean filmmakers are having difficulty carrying out their projects on film. In particular, the printing of the final 16mm projection copy, after filming, editing and sound processing, has become a very difficult phase in terms of time and financing. To solve these problems, we plan to develop tools to make a less expensive original copy. Then, we hope to create a cultural foundation where we can project films on film for various screenings and at film festivals. Among the many participants in this workshop, we selected 13 films. Some of these films are being made into longer films. We have added to this selection a few other films made in Seoul in 16mm or super8. (Jangwook Lee & Pip Chodorov)

Space Cell, created by Jangwook Lee, began operations in Seoul in 2004 by offering the first experimental film workshop. Space Cell began as a cultural complex for exhibitions, screenings and education. Between 2004 and 2006, there were workshops in summer and autumn, and exhibitions twice a year. It also became a screening room for the Seoul International Experimental Film Festival. The need for a permanent workspace and projection venue meant that in 2006, Space Cell was transformed into an artisanal film laboratory. Workshops multiplied, and artists began to work there regularly and organize independent screenings. The main activities are currently focused on teaching through film workshops, film screenings, laboratory film work, collaboration and distribution projects.


  • New film (Richard Touhy, Dianna Barrie, 2024, 2,5', 16mm)
  • La Partition de studio (une partie de Sensus Communis) (Hye Jeong Cho, 2024, 5', 16mm)
  • Zen pour 30m (Jung Jun, 2024, 2,5', 16mm)
  • Evolution (Sujin Lee, 2024, 1,5', 16mm)
  • Fredonnement d'un sourd (Suhyun Jeon, 2024, 2', 16mm)
  • L'Homme qui lave la vitre (Yeon Gyoung Kim, 2024, 2,5', 16mm)
  • Espace encombré de prière (Siyoung Song, 2024, 3', 16mm)
  • Voyage à 001 (Jinyoung Lee, 2024, 2', 16mm)
  • Souvenirs sous l'eau (Hyerin Lee, 2024, 2', 16mm)
  • Rêves de mon père (Jonathan Seungjoon Lee, 2024, 2,5', 16mm)
  • Deux ou trois choses que je sais de lui (Boyoon Choi, 2024, 2,5', 16mm)
  • Photofiction (HwiHwi, 2024, 2,5', 16mm)
  • Etude pour trois ruisseaux (Kyujae Park, 2024, 5', 16mm)
  • Gummonio (Kyujae Park, 2024, 4', 16mm)
  • Le Serpent en mal d'amour (Chae Yu, 2022, 9')
  • La Marée (Eunju Jang, 2007, 8', Digital)
  • La Chambre obscure (Minyong Jang, 2001, 5, Digital)
  • Le Moment (Minyong Jang, 2002, 5, Digital)
  • Rooftop Flicker (Pip Chodorov, 2022, 3,5, Digital Super-8)

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Cinéma le Grand Action - Paris, France


Thursday, April 18, 2024 - 20:00



Thursday, April 18, 2024 - 20:00
  • 5, rue des écoles
    75005   Paris
    48° 50' 51.0972" N, 2° 21' 7.6392" E