IN SITU: Charles-André Coderre, Sylvain L’Espérance & SEULEMENT

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la lumière collective, in collaboration with Main Film, presents  on April 6th 2023 a selection of works by Charles-André Coderre & Sylvain L’Espérance with a musical performance by SEULEMENT.

- Excerpt de Fragments d’un paysage | Sylvain L’Espérance
2023 | 23 mins | HD
“Fragments d’un paysage” invites us to explore the pure presence of the mineral, vegetable and aquatic world. Reflections, movements, fleeting perceptive impressions, forces that animate plants shaken by wind, and stone reconfigured by sunlight. Placing these elements of nature at the heart of our perception allows us to shift our attention towards non-human worlds. Those of plants, which allow a profusion of forms, figures, colors, textures. Those of rocks, which reveal complex morphologies of tracings, flows, exudation, asperities and spurts of varied colors. Plants and rocks, far from being passive objects, are subject to constant metamorphosis. They speak in silence.

Shot on the Middle North Shore, alongside land that faces the seemingly infinite sea, the film blends different forms of life together, making us aware of the fact that everything is fragmentary and continuously fluctuating, changing. Alive.

To let oneself be carried away in an alternation of uninterrupted flows of forms and suspended time; of fusions, superpositions, transmutations of the elements custodians to a primordial movement.

To dive into the flow of the things of the world. To listen to what their languages are communicating to us. To surrender to their mystery.

This is what these thousand “Fragments of a landscape” suggest.


- Granular Film – Beirut |  Charles-André Coderre
2017 | 7 mins | 16mm to 35mm
Reminiscence of a trip in Beirut. The sea. the palm trees, the buildings melt when my eyelids began to close. My memories now have a separate life of their own.

- L’ocelle mare |  Charles-André Coderre
2021 | 3min37s | 16mm to 35mm
Music : l’ocelle mare (fragments of tracks from the album ‘Sans chemin’)
Film : Charles-André Coderre (paper montage and photographic prints, tape and silver salt, film manipulation and 16mm projection)

- Projets en cours |  Charles-André Coderre
2023 | 10 minutes | 16mm

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Sylvain L’Espérance
Born in Montreal, Sylvain L’Espérance studied visual arts and cinema. He has made twelve films that combine direct cinema with experimental research to make for a poetic exploration of reality.

His films have been presented in over twenty countries around the world. Intérieurs du delta received the Best Director Award at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence (2010) and Sur le Rivage du monde received the Grand Prize in the International Competition at the DOK.fest in Munich (2013). Combat au bout de la nuit was presented in the Panorama section of the Berlinale (2017). Animal Macula won the Special Jury Prize in the National Feature Film Competition at RIDM (2021).

Charles-André Coderre
Charles-André Coderre lives and works in Montreal. He makes films and works on 16mm live projections for several film and music performances. His films are distributed by Light Cone (Paris), CFMDC (Toronto) and Vidéographe (Montréal). Since 2017, he co-organizes the OK LÀ! music & expanded cinema series in Verdun (Canada).

Mathieu Arsenault is an electronic musician and sound artist from Montreal. He is interested in the transformation and incorporation of the voice and the body in digital art practices. More recently, he focuses on the relationship between sound and image, which he develops through his collaborations with filmmaker Charles-André Coderre and video artist Véro Marengère. “Fractures Chimiques”, his collaboration with Charles-André Coderre, was presented in various festivals, including Mutek Montréal, Les Percéïdes in Percé and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

He is also a performer under the pseudonym SEULEMENT, his most recent project with which he has performed in various festivals, including the experimental music festival OK LÀ in Verdun, Wavelength in Toronto, Sled Island in Calgary, FME in Rouyn-Noranda and Suoni per il Popolo in Montreal. SEULEMENT’s first album entitled EX PO was released in late 2021 with the Montreal-based label Mothland.


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