(S8) 6th Mostra de Cinema Periférico

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This year's edition of (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico (June 3-7, A Coruña, Spain) is focused on two main strands: on the one hand, a Ken Jacobs restrospective, including two Nervous Magic Lantern performances and a masterclass; on the other hand, a focus on Brazilian avant-garde cinema, including classic films as Mario Peixoto's Límite or others by members of the Cinema Novo and Cinema Marginal movements such as Glauber Rocha, Nelson Pereira dos Santos and Rogério Sganzerla. The artistic duo Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn (Distruktur) will present a selection of their works and a triple film performance using 16mm projectors. The Brazilian avant-garde section will also include works by Duo Strangloscope, Gustavo Beck, Ana Vaz, Helder Martinovsky, Priscyla Bettim and Renato Coelho.

The 25FPS Film Festival will be the guest in this edition, where programmer Sanja Grbin will present a selection of works from the veteran festival's 10 years of life. Sinais, the section devoted to Galician cinema will showcase works by Ángel Santos, Alberte Pagán, Carla Andrade, Xiana Gómez Díaz, Diana Toucedo, Lucía Vilela, with a special focus on Xacio Baño.

Ken Jacobs retrospective Programme 1 (June 2)
- Orchard Street. (1955-2014) Vídeo. 27 min.- The Whirled. (1956-1964) 16mm. 15 min.- Little Stabs At Happiness. (1959-1963) 16mm. 18 min.- Blonde Cobra. (1959-1963) 16mm. 33 min. Programme 2 (June 3)- Canopy. (2014) Vídeo. 4 min.- Cyclopean 3D: Life with A beautiful woman. (2012) Video. 47 min.- A Loft. (2010) Vídeo. 16 min.- Nissan Ariana Window. (1969) Video. 15 min.- Jonas Mekas In Kodachrome Days. (2009) Vídeo. 3 min.  Programme 3 (June 4)- Window. (1964) 16mm. 12 min.- The Surging Sea Of Humanity. (2006) Video. 11 min.- Opening The Nineteenth Century: 1896 (1990) 16mm + 3D. 10 min. - Disorient Express (1966) 16mm. 30 min.- Globe (1969) 16mm + 3D. 22 min. Programme 4 (June 5)- Capitalism: Slavery. (2006) Video. 3 min.- Capitalism: Child Labour. (2006) Video. 14 min.- Another Occupation. (2010-2011) Video. 16 min.- Seeking The Monkey King. (2011) Video. 40 min. Film Performance 1 (June 4)- Cyclops Observes the Celestial Bodies- Time Squared (Nervous Magic Lantern performance) Film Performance 2 (June 5)- Chronometer- New Paintings by Ken Jacobs (Nervous Magic Lantern performance) Master-Class.  (June 6, 12h)   Special programme by guest film festival 25 FPS (Zagreb, Croatia) (June 6)Programme curated by Sanja Grbin - The Anthem (2006) - Apichatpong Weerasethakul- Umino-eiga /english title: Film of the Sea/ (2007) - Takashi Ishida- Water Pulu 1869 1896 (1973-1987) - Ivan Ladislav Galeta- Endeavour (2010) - Johann Lurf- Dark Garden (2011) - Nick Collins- Plac / english title: The Market (2006) - Ana Hušman- Laitue (2008) - Nicholas Brooks- Manque de preuves / Lack of Evidence (2011)- Hayoun Kwon

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Éternau Alterstereo (Distruktur)
Éternau Alterstereo (Distruktur)



Wednesday, June 3, 2015 (All day) to Sunday, June 7, 2015 (All day)