Revém Natura

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The Revém Natura film/experience consists in a double film projection, that occur simultaneously. The films start after the long interaction that the screens make with sunset, because of the screen’s west orientation, when different text and textures appears as shadows on it. Cinema here is considered to be whole space/time experience. Something for the ” eyeear” to “hearsee”, moving images for the body.


23.10.2013 // 19:30   La Darsena. Mario Bravo, 289, BsAs, ARG.

25.10. 2013 // 22:00   IX Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground El Ojo inquieto. Montevideo, 777  BsAs, ARG.

27.11.2013.  Cineclub La Quimera, Córdoba. Argentina.

30.11.2013 // Cine El Cairo. Santa Fe 1120 ; Rosario; Santa Fe; Argentina

05.12.2013 // Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

07.12.2013 // Matilha Cultural. R. Rêgo Freitas, 542  São Paulo, Brazil



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