Recent experimental films & videos from Hambre

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in collaboration with La Lumière Collective

Recent experimental films & videos from Hambre
Curated by Guillaume Vallée (CAN), Sebastian Wiedemann (COL) & Florencia Incarbone (ARG)

Work by Pedro Ferreira - Leonardo Zito - Scott Barley - Gonzalo Egurza - Jodie Mack - Péter Lichter - Eva Kolcze - Oscar Guarín Martínez - Los Ingrávidos - Sebastian Wiedemann

- (UN)evenness (Pedro Ferreira, Portugal, Digital, 3:00)
- 359 diapositivas. 2013-2016 (Leonardo Zito, Argentina, 35mm to HD, 2:28)
- Blue Permanence / Swan Blood (Scott Barley, UK, Digital iPhone 6, 6:00)
- ..::untitled (men run) (Gonzalo Egurza, Argentina, 16mm to HD, 2:19)
- Persian Pickles (Jodie Mack, UK, 16mm to HD, 2:50)
- Look Inside the Ghost Machine (Péter Lichter, Hungary, Super8 to HD, 4:20)
- Badlands (Eva Kolcze, Canada, super 8 + 16mm to HD, 4:12)
- Mapas (Oscar Guarín Martínez, Colombia/Brasil, Digital found footage, 3:20)
- Triptico B / Triptych B (Los Ingrávidos, Mexico, Digital + 35mm, 17:31)
- Ondas (Sebastian Wiedemann, Colombia/Brasil, 35mm to HD, 9:40)

About Hambre:
We are an observatory and a laboratory dedicated to the research, dialogue and production of critic and sensitive thought by contagion and connection to experimental cinema(s). We emphasize in the Latin American expressions.
Without hierarchies and with an open state of mind, unknowing any kind of completeness, the cinema that impels us is fertile and precarious, like the crabs that habit the mangrove swamp. A space purely southern and coastal, an intensive space where the crabs in their being-multitude and in their transversal walking are always between the water and the surface, between the swamp and the roots, between the open ocean and the river… Always in betweenplaces where, without acknowledging any identity, the crab flows and becomes one with the environment that it experiments with. A crab-swamp. In this way, becoming crab-cinema, cinematographic crabs, implies a singular movement, a constant move in the border, in the shore. This beings of the coast, with love and stomach, experiment and made themselves by walking.

Doors - 7$


la lumière collective - Montréal, Canadá


Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 20:00 to Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 19:55



Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 20:00 to Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 19:55
  • 7080, rue Alexandra
    Montréal, Quebec
    45° 31' 53.5872" N, 73° 37' 8.3388" W