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RAGTAG (dir. Giuseppe Boccassini, 2022, 84 mins)

NNC's offering for Noirvember is a monumental work of found footage filmmaking composed from over 300 classic Noir films. This screening marks the Western U.S. Premiere of this masterpiece!  

***This screening is also a clothing drive for the local harm-reduction homeless shelter. Please bring donations of gently used winter clothing!

"As an expansive historical portrait of the human psyche of the 20th century and its grim post-war landscape, [RAGTAG] lets the past and the future sit in a gesture of the present. Like an act of perpetual destruction and recreation, a sort of ouroboros that devours its own tail and wanders on the threshold between history and desire, the visible and the invisible, light and shadow."

"An atlas of film gestures and Pathosformel: the montage - better the disassembly - isolates moments from the narrative and separates bodies from events, opening up to the unthinkable and the invisible of film noir. Ragtag, thus, becomes an immense archive of the imaginary that, far from being sequential and historical, becomes intensive and organic: a film-experience beyond film as such." -Federico Rossin, film historian

"Serge Daney understood the relationship between the director and the film critic as a tennis match, in which the ball was, in turn, the film and the critical text. ragtag is, to some extent, an inversion of this, making the spectator-director-critic the ball, played back and forth between one film and another. Giuseppe Boccassini, who works primarily with found footage, makes his first feature film with this zigzagging journey through classic film noir, reducing narration to a minimum and concentrating on the power of gestures, close-ups and compositional recurrences... To a certain extent, this way of launching us, disoriented, into a wealth of more or less recognizable titles translates, metaphorically, the anguish of the spectator before choosing a film, in the times of maximum digital accessibility. Cinephilia as hypnosis." -Ricardo Vieira Lisboa, film curator

Friday Nov 24th
Doors: 7pm
Film: 7:30p

No Name Cinema
2013 Pinon Street
Santa Fe New Mexico

$5 - $15 suggested donation

(bring your own drinks & snacks)



No Name Cinema - Santa Fe, United States


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