Punto y Raya Academy 2015

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Punto y Raya Academy 2015 is the first International Symposium devoted to abstract art in motion, that will be held from May 7th through 10th at La Casa Encendida in Madrid (Spain), with the participation of over 15 international guests, such as Józef Robakowski, Steven Woloshen, Robert Seidel and Sabrina Schmid, among others.

The programme will feature several masterclasses by the guest artists, round tables, monographic screenings and various live performances.


Thursday May 7th
12:30h - Masterclass: Paul O'Donoghue_Ocusonic
From Frequency to Image
Making visual music with voltage controlled video synthesis

16:30h - Round table: Abstract Film & Animation in Contemporary Society
With Matt Abbiss, Chris Casady, Marcin Gizycki, Sabrina Schmid

18:30h - Masterclass: Johan Rijpma
Curious Methods: a State of Affairs

20:30h - Masterclass: Steven Woloshen
Recipes for Reconstruction
Abstracting Visual Music from Real Life

22:00h - PyRformance: Paul O'Donoghue_Ocusonic
Chasing Waves

Friday May 8th
10:30h - Masterclass: Juanjo Fernández_Gnomalab
The multimedia work of Gnomalab

12:30h - Masterclass: Sabrina Schmid
Malevich re-animated

16:30h - Round table: Abstraction, Science, Art & Nature
With Barbara Doser, Johan Rijpma, Javier Romañach Cabrero, Robert Seidel, Steven Woloshen

18:30h - Masterclass: Bret Battey
Wayfinding, Algorithm, Impermanence

20:30h - Masterclass: Józef Robakowski
Calling once again for 'Pure Film'

22:00h - PyRformance: Gnomalab + Loppkio LIVE

Saturday May 9th
10:30h - Masterclass: Oerd van Cuijlenborg
See what you hear

11:00h - Workshop for children: Laboratoria
Optical Experimentation
Open to children aged 8 to 12

12:30h - Masterclass: Matt Abbiss
The Abstract Character

16:30h - Round table: Abstract live Cinema, Installation & Interactivity
With Bret Battey, Hofstetter Kurt, Paul O'Donoghue, Kike Ramírez

18:30h - Masterclass: Marcin Gizycki
Capturing the Spirit of Abstraction

20:30h - Masterclass: Robert Seidel
On Film, between Painting and Sculpture

22:00h - PyRformance: Steven Woloshen + Gnomalab
The Mechanical Afterlife

Sunday May 10th
10:30h - Masterclass: Barbara Doser + Hofstetter Kurt
Chaos & Order

11:00h - Workshop for children: Laboratoria
Optical Experimentation
Open to children aged 8 to 12

12:30h - Masterclass: Chris Casady
Hand drawn musical visualizations

14:30h - Closing Ceremony: Crisopa + VjSpain
Closing Party
Coordinated by Vj Spain

Individual tickets, day and full passes already avaiable for sale through Ticketea.

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Bret Battey



Thursday, May 7, 2015 (All day)
Friday, May 8, 2015 (All day)
Saturday, May 9, 2015 (All day)
Sunday, May 10, 2015 (All day)
  • Ronda de Valencia 2
    28012   Madrid, Madrid
    40° 24' 21.456" N, 3° 41' 59.388" W