Pugnant Film Series: Part of my body was sinking like a shiꟼ

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 The films are windows to look at the word - sometimes are also windows for the world to look at you.PUGNANT FILM SERIES 
A Saturday per monthAuteur-Underground-Dada-Bizarre-Ungenred CINEMA
at Andora by Pugnant Film Series  
Saturday 9.02.2019 (vol.3)
Part of my body was sinking like a shiꟼ 
Μolly 6 to 8 by Efthimis Miheloudakis
Titivillus and the corrupted virgins by Luis SarayAbduction Scars by Jorge Núñez
A Tale of Heaven by Phuttiphong Aroonpheng
Αθέμιτος Συναγωνισμός by Dimos Avdeliodis Schedule: 16.00 - Free EntranceCinema Andora - Sevastoupoleos 117 - Τ. 210 6980796 - www.andora.gr]

     Molly 6 to 8 (2018, 18')Efthimis Miheloudakis It’s the ‘60s and Sporos has a date with Molly – his “6 to 8 girl” from the wild teenage years. Their meeting will bring about lost dreams and unfulfilled desires. A bittersweet farewell to a relationship and an era. Based on Nikos Nikolaidis’ novel “A hit in the eye of Montezuma”. Titivillus and the corrupted virgins (2017, 2')
Luis Saray
site  Titivillus was a demon of the Middle Ages, who introduced errors in the type of the copyist scribes of the bible; it is also associated with the wrong, the accident, the wrong, the satirical comments, the degenerate, the sin and the inappropriate. Abduction Scars (2018, 21')Jorge Núñez
 "... de la Visitación Alienígena" (... of the alien visitation) told me a friend of mine. In the middle of the dark night, a man (Toni Junyent) try to sleep while he feels he isn't alone at home. Something from another world came to visit him. A Tale of Heaven (2011, 6') 
Phuttiphong Aroonphengvimeo My mother dreamed that my late father came back home to see her. She strongly believes that it wasn't a dream. Αθέμιτος Συναγωνισμός (1983, 22')
Dimos Avdeliodis One veteran and a young boy steal watermelons. They are trying without success to sell them. When they attract some customers, two gypsies move against them. Α quarrel starts between them, which causes the anger of the goddess Themida.



Saturday, February 9, 2019 - 00:45


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