Pugnant Film Series: Chronophobie & Auto-Catastrophie

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▼ installation◘• Chronophobie & Auto-Catastrophie  ◘•installation▼

A two channels installation based on the film Chronophobie by Pierre Villemin, also based in various unused video-footage by film directors that have formerly exhibited in Pugnant Film Series.
One phase of this installation (20.30) will be accompanied by spoken poetry-antipoetry.
Channel 1
Chronophobie (2018, 40’, Pierre Villemin)
Geological time is too slow for human eyes. Film to find a way on a territory, film to observe bad weather and dive in a country almost without people, to penetrate better into the image…
Channel 2
One mix of unused video-footage. Video footage that was not included in the final version of it’s films. Video footage that has been considered a waste, directly taken for the director's trash cans. On this video-mix we will meet directors that have been exhibited in Pugnant Film Series in the past.
Participating film directors: Ana Martinez, Bartosz Warwas, Benni Quintero, Chachee Valentine, Dagie Brundert, Dimitrije Martinovic, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, Luz Olivia, Natasha Cantwell, Yannis Deliveis, Noemi Pulvirenti, Giorgos Efthimiou, Panu Johansson, Park Thiersen, Saif Alsaegh, Slawomir Milewski, Stefano Miraglia, Pawel Szostak, Alina Vasilchenko, Arion Kalogeras, Maja Milich, Ricardo Vieira, Ж, Sara Simeoni, Jorgen Johansen
Poetry-Anti Poetry
Dimitra Aggelou, Nicholas Gogos, Alexandra Epitheti, Giorgos Efthimiou, Panagiotis Thanasoulis, Eleni Kaskoura, Eirini Margariti, Evi Chroni
This installation takes place in ΑΠΑΡÄΜΙΛΛΟΝ’s thematic exhibition about «Φύραμα».
All day installation
Paraschou 87, Gyzi
Free entrance *Pugnant Film Series is a small group of people that love films and love to screen films for people who love films.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018 (All day)
  • Paraschou 87, Gyzi
    37° 59' 23.9316" N, 23° 44' 48.1452" E