Prosthetic pavilion - The Wrong (biennale)

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prosthetic is a pavilion of The Wrong - New Digital Art Bienale, 3rd edition ['17/'18]

‘Men are conditioned beings because everything they come into contact with turns immediately into a condition of their existence’.* And happily ever after. Our life is prosthetic. We assume that through these variety of processes we can realize our desires which themselves are becoming prosthetic. We also assume other life through this prosthetization of our current endeavors.


Featured artists:

Susanne Svantesson
Tim Tsang
Ellen Möckel
Ronnie Clarke
Milica Raičević
Cem Solaklar
Milena Pešut
Dorian Hirsch
Miloš Bojović 
Pawel Grajnert
Nadežda Kirćanski
Anna Beata Baranska
Jelena Pantelić
Benjamin Rosenthal
Kristina Tica
Josh Sender
Aleksandar Lazar
Bob Georgeson
Ljumov Stefan
Melanie Beisswenger
Aleksandra Kovačević
Jelena Nikolić
Hannes Andersson
Šejma Fere
Ernesto Giacopello
Jovana Sudimac
Benna Gaean Maris
Nenad Nikolic
David Ian Griess/Bellows

*H. Arendt, The Human Condition

curated by darko vukić ([email protected])

Image Gallery: 

artists at prosthetic
prosthetic pavilion



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