Processed: To Each Their Own Image

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At a time when images are increasingly subject to digital processing through a multiplicity of technologies and formats, artists are confronted by a plethora of visual and expressive possibilities. The 16mm films and videos by New York artists assembled for this programme present personal ways of chemically or digitally manipulating moving images.

Works by Peggy Ahwesh, Katherine Bauer, Lisa Gwilliam & Ray Sweeten (DataSpaceTime), Sarah Halpern, Josh Lewis, Zach Nader, Keith Sanborn, Leslie Thornton, Matt Town

- Lessons of War (Peggy Ahwesh, 2014, HD video, col, sound, 5min 34sec)
- Teen Dream (Katherine Bauer, 2015, 16mm, col, sil, 8min 11sec)
- someone to see (Zach Nader, 2015, HD video, col, sil, 2min 07sec)
- Palaces (Sarah Halpern, 2015, 16mm, col, sil, 3min)
- SP/16.14583333 (Keith Sanborn, 2015, video, col, son, 1min 40sec)
- Cryptophasia (Lisa Gwilliam & Ray Sweeten, 2015, HD video, col, sil, 7min 36sec)
- SOAP (Matt Town, 2014, 16mm, b&w, sil, 10min 50sec)
- Chorus (Josh Lewis, 2015, 16mm, col, sil, 17min)
- Binocular Menagerie (Leslie Thornton, 2014, HD video, col, sound, 2min 50sec)



Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 19:00 to Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 18:55


  • Place Georges-Pompidou
    75004   Paris
    48° 51' 38.2464" N, 2° 21' 8.0388" E