Process Experimental Film Festival 2017 - Call for entries

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Process is the first experimental film festival in The Baltics dedicated to experimental, analog filmmaking. Taking place on the 22nd to 25th of March in Riga, Latvia, the festival will provide four days of intensive program consisting of film screenings, talks, discussions, lectures and expanded cinema performances. We welcome the submission of experimental short films where the use of celluloid has been part of the filmmaking process.

We are open for submissions in four non-competitive programs:

Essay Film - films embracing as well as expanding the genre of reflective filmmaking;

Found Footage – films consisting of found, recycled and other kinds of appropriated footage in part or in their entirety;

Structural Film – works exploring the very mechanisms, structure and materiality of the medium of film, as well as its narration structures;

Film Diary – films made either as personal reflection on daily occurences or as a travel diary;

Baltic Films – experimental films in analog media  made by artists originally coming from the Baltic states.

Filmmakers and artists are welcome to submit until the deadline of the 20th February 2017.



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Film Diary

This film was shot on 16 mm and Super-8 in July 2016. While I was in Nantes France attending Bains de Argentique the international film labs meeting. All of the sounds were recorded during the week of July 5-9. Entirely hand processed and scanned. 


Monday, February 20, 2017 (All day)