Paris, 1980s: Deconstructed Narratives and Late Formalisms

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Microscope Gallery is very pleased to welcome back Paris-based curator and researcher Enrico Camporesi for a second survey of 16mm films selected from the Light Cone collection (Paris). The evening includes works by Jean-Pierre Bertrand, David Wharry, Unglee, Jakobois, and Téo Hernandez that have rarely, if ever, screened in the US.

This program gathers five films from the early 1980s, and wishes to present an overview of a diverse variety of artistic practices of the time. Ideally the works presented in the program revolve around two main axes: narrative and form. At first the importance of 'structural' filmmaking can still be witnessed. The inquiry into the specific properties of film is developed both in an unconscious, indirect way (as in The Diamon'd by conceptual artist Jean-Pierre Bertrand) or else dismantled with sense of humor (as in the work of Jakobois). Narrative, in its deconstructed configuration, is at the core of the works by Unglee and David Wharry, the two of them openly playing with genre codes and tropes (science-fiction and mystery). L'Eau de la Seine by Mexican born filmmaker Téo Hernandez closes the program with the portrait of one of Paris' most iconic elements, the Seine, which rapidly turns into an almost-entire abstract imagery. In these juxtaposition of heterogenous individual practices, mutual strategies and concerns emerge, thus enabling to see what could be defined one of the most challenging moments in experimental and artist's film in France. - Enrico Camporesi

- The Diamon'd (Jean-Pierre Bertrand, 1981, 16 mm, col., sil., 1'30)
- A Touch of Venus - General Picture. Episode 11 (David Wharry, 1980, 16 mm, col., mag. sound, 8')
- Radio-Serpent (Unglee, 1980, 16 mm, col., op. sound, 12')
- Déjà ? Vu (Jakobois, 1980, 16 mm, col., sound on CD, 10'30)
- L'Eau de la Seine (Téo Hernandez, 1982-1983, 16 mm (or. Super 8), col., sil., 18')

Total running time: 50'
curated by Enrico Camporesi
admission $7 - curator in attendance

Enrico Camporesi is an Italian writer and curator based in Paris. He is a research fellow at Centre Pompidou and he is currently writing a Ph. D dissertation on matters of restoration and museology of experimental and artist’s film. He recently curated (with Jonathan Pouthier) the program "Duchamp du film" at Centre Pompidou, and he edited Jean-Michel Bouhours on Paolo Gioli (Paris: Light Cone Editions, 2014).

Microscope Gallery gratefully acknowledges the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation as the Official Sponsor of our Event Series.



Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 19:30
  • 4 Charles Place
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    40° 41' 51.0468" N, 73° 55' 52.8672" W