Oporto apresenta #36: Minimalize: Video-Dance Nr1

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Minimalize: Video-Dance Nr1 by Walter Verdin
Video b/w, stereo sound, 11'27'', 1981

It's hard to explain how a successful pop artist, embraced by stardom, suddenly devotes his life to unglamorous work. In the early 80's, Walter Verdin was hit by success, as a member of one of the most interesting bands to ever compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. Shortly after having represented Belgium with "Pas de Deux", Verdin became a video practitioner adopting video as his sound instrument. For many years he devoted himself to a new field called Video-Dance, creating a pioneering body of work that revealed an acute and unstoppable sense of rhythm.

Oporto is delighted to present an early example of video-dance. "Minimalize" is a danceable manifest, a witty recipe on how to optimize your life, your family, your work, your art.

"an eternal scroll for optimum life" - Alexandre Estrela

Oporto is a studio and a non-profit screening room located in Lisboa. Occupying the headquarters of a former Merchant Sailors Union, Oporto projects from time to time a single unique experimental video or film. The programme is exquisite and extremely slow.The selection of the pieces screened is made, not only on the basis of the work itself, but also on an overall idea of an exquisite corpse . The space is programed by artist Alexandre Estrela and sponsored by GAU- Gestão de Audiovisuais



Friday, October 10, 2014 - 20:30


  • Salvador Correia de Sá, 42, 2 frente
    1200-399   Lisboa
    38° 42' 31.8384" N, 9° 8' 51.4356" W