Oporto apresenta #31: The Basis of Make-Up I-III

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"The Basis of Make-Up I-III" by Heinz Emigholz
16 mm film transfered to video, color, sound, 90', 1983-2005

The Basis of Make-Up I-III is the  primal soup that stands behind Heinz Emigholz abundant body of work. This  life-size film compilation, depicts  two decades of notebooks in an unstoppable flickery  flow. The blend of collages,  workaday writing  and  filming  is intersected by elaborate drawings halfway between medical and technical illustrations which somehow encapsulate the author's highly personal time and vision.

"An image vortex where Ideas fall" - Alexandre Estrela after Ezra Pound

Oporto is a studio and a non-profit screening room located in Lisboa. Occupying the former Merchant Sailors Union headquarters, Oporto projects from time to time a single unique experimental video or film. The programme is exquisite and extremely slow.The selection of the pieces screened is made, not only on the basis of the work itself, but also on an overall idea of an exquisite corpse . The space is directed by artist Alexandre Estrela and sponsored by GAU- Gestão de Audiovisuais.



Saturday, November 16, 2013 - 22:30


  • Salvador Correia de Sá, 42, 2 frente
    1200-399   Lisboa
    38° 42' 31.8384" N, 9° 8' 51.4356" W