Operación Rewrite: Performance

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A collaborative project by Esperanza Collado and Maximilian Le Cain.

The project Operation Rewrite started in January 2011 as an online video work in which both artists contributed a number of pieces of 45 seconds according to a set of rules, of which the most important was that a third of each video should be black screen. This peculiarity - the fundamental presence of negative spaces as expropriation, displacement of meaning and projection of thought- became the focus of the project, which soon expanded its activities to other areas of development, such as installation and performance, thanks to a grant from the MUSAC Artistic Creation. The film concept we examine in and out of the film medium is continuously reevaluated, so that perception and projection technology, as well as the articulation of signs, the body, the materiality of film and domestic consumer goods are part of our work. The project explores the mechanisms of editing, suspension and interruption understood as associating principles that connect to the movies with the act of reading. As the project progresses, certain objects, images and actions are repeated and reconfigured, gaining resonance and meaning. Operation Rewrite occupies an area between dreams, film and mundane ritual.

In the performances film-noir narratives with a "cut-up" style live together with a materialist body research, of the human body and the cinematic hardware. The elements that constitute the body of the film are considered from a expanded perspective to be connected with French Lettrisme. The environment becomes moldable, edible, destructible objects, and capable of measuring space and time. Projected light and its intermittent magnetic field bleed through a sewing machine, which in turn illuminates a screen and penetrates corporeal blindfolds. All these actions and others, framed by a set of subtle and direct interruptions, permeate the performances of Operation Rewrite with humor and restlessness. With the participation of John McCarthy, actor, writer and Irish theater director, nominated in 2009 by the Irish Times with an award for best screenplay of the year.

Free entrance.



Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 20:00


  • Avenida de los Reyes Leoneses, 24
    24008   León, Leon
    42° 36' 24.9948" N, 5° 34' 58.6812" W