The Only Constant is Change I: Where We Stand

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Zumzeig's 5th anniversary! Screening of films that deal with the issue of obsolescence and the current state of analog film and a round table on the exhibition of analog cinema in Barcelona

The program: The Only Constant is Change
Since its inception, film technology has been in constant transformation due to the demands of the industrial system. At present, the expansion of electronic tools has led to the dissolution of the boundaries between analog and digital media, prompting the discovery of new ways of creating and displaying the moving image.

Programmers: Antoni Pinent & Oriol Sánchez

The session: Where We Stand

  • Room 11a, Ortona Armoury (Lindsay McIntyre, 2017. 16mm/digital, b&w, silent, 1')
  • Film's Final Curtain (Lindsay McIntyre, 2018. Digital, color, sound, 23')

Film's Final Curtain by Lindsay Mclntyre delves into the issue of obsolescence and the current state of analog film. It includes interviews with people from all areas of cinema, both in the industry and with different independent creators. Based on these voices, this work documents the history of cinema, from its birth to its extinction as an industrial tool, and also reflects on the validity of celluloid today, a medium that is now freed from rigid commercial expectations and aesthetic conventions.

Round table
At a time when the proliferation of electronic and digital technologies (DVD, mobile phones, Internet, etc.) condition reception and the experience of watching movies, few cinemas in Barcelona maintain the traditional film experience. In this talk, open to the public, an attempt will be made to reflect at the local level on the present situation of the exhibition of analogue cinema.

Round table formed by:
- Gloria Vilches (Xcèntric)
- Marina Vinyes (Filmoteca de Catalunya)
- Albert Triviño (Zumzeig)

And moderated by the programmers of the cycle:
- Antoni Pinent
- Oriol Sánchez

Free admission: limited capacity and admittance in order of arrival


Zumzeig Cinema - Barcelona, Spain


Monday, November 8, 2021 - 19:00



Monday, November 8, 2021 - 19:00


  • Carrer de Béjar, 53 baixos
    08014   Barcelona, Barcelona
    41° 22' 30.4608" N, 2° 8' 19.9896" E