Obscuritads: Scott Barley, Mikel Guillén, Sebastian Wiedemann

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Avant-Garde/Experimental Cinema
Scott Barley, Mikel Guillén, Sebastian Wiedemann

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  • Atonal, 2019, Mikel Guillén, France, digital, 16 min.
  • Los (de)pendientes, 2015, Sebastian Wiedemann, Argentina–Colombia, digital, 24 min.
  • Sleep Has Her House, 2017, Scott Barley, Wales, digital, 130 min. 
  • Presented by Milan Kroulík & Kampus Hybernská

Obscuritads is an international filmmaking collective formed by artists who “want to make visible the invisible by focusing on the oscillations between the soul and the stars, the moon, the tides, what is pure in what is raw. Light and darkness are the main characters in their films.”

Atonal is a filmic poem exploring the relationship between musical atonality and male asexuality. This is the Czech premiere. Los (de)pendientes is a reworking of revolutionary Argentinian films for our times. The short has been screened at Filmadrid Selection and Viennale Austria. This is the Czech premiere. Sleep Has Her House presents a hypnotic account of shadows withdrawing into forests and hills. It has been screened at MFF Karlovy VaryDocLisboa and was the Jury Winner for Best Film at the Frontiera Film Festival.


Kampus Hybernská - Praha, Czech Republic


Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 19:30



Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 19:30
  • Hybernská 4
    110 00   Praha
    Czech Republic
    50° 5' 13.4088" N, 14° 25' 47.6292" E