Nomadica - Weekend with the Dead

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A weekend-long, non-stop marathon on the occasion of the “Day of the Dead”; meetings and clashes, screenings and reactions, sounds and visions: dozens of international films’ and Italian premieres, a distillation of the most interesting contemporary experimentations.
Also: seminars, focuses, Space itineraries – in various shapes and formats, from night 'till day and from day 'till night. Spazio Menomale, dug towards the centre of the earth, turns into an art gallery and a perpetual theater where you can sink, a perception room in which there is no time to find, filled with routes and crossroads that become – as always in Nomadica’s experience – the artwork itself, unique, displaced and displacing, irregular and not (always) screened-off. Underground chaos where “the everlasting shape of life” resides.


The general programme will feature films by: Albert Alcoz, Prantik Basu, Christopher Becks, Dan Browne, Pietro Bulgarelli, Jaione Camborda, Mary Helena Clark, Mierien Coppens, Samuel Delgado, Nazlı Dinçel, James Edmonds, Luca Ferri, Helena Giron, Emmanuel Lefrant, Pietro Librizzi, Azucena Losana, Francis Magnenot, Takashi Makino, Marta Mateus, Stefano Miraglia, Pablo Polanco, Monica Saviron, Giuseppe Spina, Katia Viscogliosi and John Woodman.

Four special programmes (Focus):

Atomic Light (Shadow Optics) / Curated by Rinaldo Censi - with films by Robert Aldrich and Tony Conrad
The infernal Machine / Curated by Alessio Galbiati - with films by: Mark LaGanga, Jon Rafman and George Melies
Liquid Crystals / Curated by Tommaso Isabella - with films by: Jan Cornelius Mol, Louis Henderson, Tinne Zenner, Jacques Perconte
NOMADICA ODEPORICA PLASTICA / Curated by Stefano Miraglia - with films by: Pauline Rigal, Julio Fermepin, Pierre Voland, Elsa Brès, Mauricio Freyre, Leandro Varela, Tinne Zenner

Space Itineraries #1 curated by Riccardo Re, promoted by Ass. Menomale
With films by: Robert Breer, Cecile Fontaine, Larry Jordan, Len Lye, Fern Silva, Deborah Stratman – screenings on 16mm
+ Vaghe Stelle (Alkaid, Mizar, Alioth), by Mauro Santini

PLUS: workshops, meetings, seminars!


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Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 00:00 to Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 22:55


  • Via De' Pepoli 1/A
    40125   Bologna
    44° 29' 32.136" N, 11° 20' 52.548" E