Nocturnal Reflections: Giuseppe Boccassini

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Nocturnal Reflections presents 3 films by Giuseppe Boccassini. Reflecting on the concept of the haptic proximity of contemporary media, film is a phallic conquerer that, folding in on itself, now flaccid deus ex machina, observes itself from the inside like a lysergic membrane that slowly founders between the folds of its own material.

- Lezuo (2013, 17 min)
- The Tin Hat (2014, 15 min)
- Orbit (2016, 15 min)

The triptych begins in the setting of the great migrations of the late 19th century with Lezuo drowning in the sea’s abyss, on a journey that carries him, from an animal metamorphosis, an aquatic tachograph, to a laborious, pre-impressionist convergence, onto the electric shores of the Industrial Revolution. After coming to the surface he sinks down again, this time into the folds of the earth, the trenches, below the explosions of war, fagocitated by a chaotic and decentralized space, that of modernity. The Tin Hat is Hoffmann's automaton remodeled by bullets that have torn it apart, like a Cubist fusion of live flesh traumatized by steel. The approach to reality no longer envisages a safe distance, and perceptions, haptic, seek for a new physicality in the air. Orbit is a phallic conqueror who, by folding in on himself, at this point a flaccid deus ex machina, is seen from within as a membrane that slowly drowns between the layers of his own matter. The eye and the machine are dramatically fused in the spectacle that war forges, war is a spectacle. The representation of war is war itself.



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