Missing Observer Studies, no. 8: Greyory Blake

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Announcing Missing Observer Studies, no. 8
Huner Francis is very excited to present a new work by Philadelphia artist Greyory Blake, 'Spatial Data Management' (2021, 31'00).

"Over the course of a highly anachronistic written correspondence, a self-loathing property owner and self-righteous artist begin to question their notions of control within a system that's out of sync."


With a special introductory text by Charles Stobbs III and featuring music by Ulla E. Straus and John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal, 'Spatial Data Management' is a mesmerizing work about objecthood, time, space, depth, interfaces, interaction, or impermanence... but not all concurrently.

From Stobbs III: "Through these documents, the eye is lulled into reading the images as citation and evidence for the narrative crux of the film, which draws together the voices of two opposing writers. But as Blake’s film tells us, proximity is not to be confused for clarity, and observation does not constitute understanding."

Greyory Blake, 'Spatial Data Management'
2021, 31’00 [video w/ sound]

Music: Ulla E. Straus & John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal
Voices: J. Daniel Bickett, Kelsey Knotts
Instruments: Greyory Blake, Kalle Moberg, Ulla E. Straus, John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal
Sound Mix: Ulla E. Straus
Missing Observer Studies (MOS) is a time focused online cinema/journal/diary dedicated to the elongation, suspension, and untimeliness of time. Each issue is treated with care, and published indeterminately per the means and welfare of all parties involved. ([email protected] | ig:@huner_francis)


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