From Milltown to Metropolis: Vancouver Experimental Film

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Experimental filmmaking played a significant part in Vancouver’s art scene of the 1970s. It was an important moment in the history of visual culture and film art in BC, marked by outrageous innovation, unbridled experimentation, and outright subversion. This movement flourished for many years, and was dialled into an international discourse, thanks to a visionary and colourful collection of artists, curators, and institutions. —Richard Martin

Curated by Richard Martin

98.3 KHz: Bridge at Electrical Storm
Canada 1973. Al Razutis. 11 min. 16mm to 2K digital

Narrows Inlet
Canada 1980. David Rimmer. 10 min. 16mm

Limited Engagement
Canada 1976. Tom Braidwood. 7 min. 16mm to 2K digital

Canada 1986. Ellie Epp. 3 min. 16mm to digital

Spare Parts
Canada 1975. Peter Lipskis. 10 min. 16mm to 2K digital

Mixed Signals
Canada 2005. Richard Martin. 8 min. Digital

Canada 2016. Richard Martin. 8 min. Digital

i see me watching
Canada 2022. Sidney Gordon. 8 min. 16mm to digital

Canada 2022. Celina de Leon. 1 min. 16mm to digital

Surfacing on the Thames
Canada 1970. David Rimmer. 9 min. 16mm to 2K digital

Total running time: 75 min.

Introduced by Richard Martin

“Before there was the so-called Vancouver School of photo-conceptual art, there was the Vancouver-based and internationally recognized experimental film scene. Here is a selection of classics and new works to experience, meditate on, and enjoy, guest curated by one of our very finest experimental film artists, Richard Martin.” Harry Killas


Pacific Cinémathèque - Vancouver , Canada


Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - 18:30



Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - 18:30
  • 1131 Howe Street
    V6Z 2K8   Vancouver , British Columbia
    49° 16' 43.2192" N, 123° 7' 35.724" W