Living Film: Films, Installations & Performances

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This program of films, installations and performances focuses on the use of film as a living material. In mainstream cinema every trace of physical contact is removed from the film material, but with the disappearance of film from the industry, the medium is liberated from this armour. 

Living Film presents a selection of works made through the practice of touching film, applying bodily fluids, and chemically and/or physically altering it's surface. These works take the form of single screen films, performative action, installation and expanded cinema. 

At stake here is not just an artistic concept or method but the formation of a strategy towards an alternative filmmaking ecology: working with cheap or out of date film stocks; bartering knowledge for materials; finding cooperative forms for using resources and equipment. 

- Thorsten Fleisch - Blutrausch 
- Patti Gaal-Holmes - Blutrausch: das Ende der Geschichte 
- Vicky Smith - Licking Film Loudly 
- Cathy Rogers - Rosemary Again and Again 
- Cecilie Bjørgas Jordheim - Barcodes 
- Alia Syed - Priya 
- George Saxon - Blissfully Gunned Down 
- Tanya Syed - Tides 
- Viktoria Schmid - Foodfilms 
- Kayla Parker - Her Dark Materials: Conjuring the Feminine Imaginary in Expanded Animation 
- James Holcombe & Adam Asnan - Hair in Gate 
- Birgitta Hosea - Out there in the Dark 
- Louisa Fairclough - I am Film 

Programmed by Vicky Smith and Karel Doing

We refer to Living Film with respect to the reversibility of the terms: film as object that is activated through physical contact and film as an ongoing mode of material practice that shapes the consciousness of, animates and enlivens its makers. 



Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 19:00


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