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At the invitation of la lumière collective, the artist-run filmlab Mire, based in Nantes (France), will present a program of films made in the lab over the years…

Mire’s lab is a shared space where one can work in Super 8 and 16mm. Flat printing, camera-less techniques, tinting and toning, sharp editing, found footage and shot images… experimentation is at the center of this space where individual endeavors are fueled through the exchange of aesthetic perspectives and technical knowledge.

On the road and through the fields, from nature’s trails to urban decay, this program invites you to discover an array of films Mire’s lab is proud to contribute to.

In the presence of Élodie Ferré, Erwan Tracol and Louise Gurman Dessauce. June 1st at 7:30 pm


Sillages #2 | Aurélie Percevault & Antoine Ledroit 2014 | 16mm | no sound | (18ips) | 5 mins A presence by an absence.Condensation and repetition of the past, these fleeting moments captured and forgotten.

Les chutes du Tripode |  Gérémy Lelièvre 2018 | 16mm | digital sound | 2 mins 24 secs I accompanied the destruction of a building present in the image through a game of deconstruction/construction of the film’s editing. Accelerating the rythmics, disrupting gradually the probable order of shot succession.I used for this movie, 6 found negative photographs of a building demolition wich took place in Nantes in 2005. With these photographs I experimented flat bench printing, frame by frame.

L’effet Bolduc | Aurélie Percevault 2021 | 16 mm | optical sound | 2 mins 15 secs Bolduc is a decorative ribbon used to wrap gifts. It has the property of frizzing underneath the passage of a pair of open scissors. The ribbon was named after its home town of Bois-le-Duc, a name which from the 17th century was altered to ‘bolduc’.The 16 mm film does not twist under the effect of the scissors, but the layers of colored emulsion, scratched, reveal dancing bluish variations.»Like the decorative ribbon from which it takes its name, the film winds, unfolds and twists in a deluge of sounds and colors with a bluish softness.» Festival les Inattendus, 13th edition, 2022

Bataille |  Thomas Chatard & Julien Quentel 2010 | 16mm |  sound | 10 mins Colour variations on the national flag or how we reinvented the colours of France.

Mué | Jérome Jolly 2023 | 16mm | projection numérique | digital sound | 9 mins 32 secs Under a blazing sun, cutting across fields, they walk with a suitcase in hand. They meet two women who live in an old farmhouse full of memories. With their body they will reappropriate the space.

Transhumance | Elodie Ferré 2023 | 16mm | digital sound | 7 mins A herd of cattle, ignorant of its destination, drifts away to their summer pastures. This journey is an opportunity for unexpected events and for experimenting chemical solarisation on the original 16mm negative.

SELS | Elodie Ferré 2023 | work in progress | 16mm | 4 mins Experiments on the effects of sea salt on diverse emulsions.

Chiyo-ni | Erwan Tracol 2021 | 16mm | no sound | 2 mins 45 secs Expired film and aggressive dyes. The simultaneous portrait of an encounter and a breakdown.

Trilogie Carnassière #1 | Carole Thibaud, son de Mariane Moula 2018 | 16mm | couleur | optical sound | 3 mins The first episode of this carnivorous trilogy is a chicken killing. One hundred feet of 16mm colour film, shot on a small farm in Maine-et-Loire. This footage was reworked on the JK optical printer, where the original film was copied, recopied, cut, edited and sometimes abused. In an attempt to bring out the beauty and music of images of struggle and blood. Made at Mire (Nantes), Crater Lab (Barcelona) and L’Abominable (La Courneuve).

Les herbes folles | Antoine Ledroit 2018 | 16mm | no sound | (18ips) | 4 mins From the roadsides to the film. Grasses come and visit the lab.

Cables | Clara Jolly 2023 | 16mm | | 18ips | digital sound | 3 mins Cables is a play on details of the building facades of the Lavapiés neigbourhood in Madrid. The film was shot with a Bolex H16 on st8 in December 2021. The music was written and performed by Maxime Fabregues.

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