Light Movement 15: Albert Alcoz & Blanca Viñas

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Albert Alcoz and Blanca Viñas: The invented night

The invented night is the title of a set of recent works where photography and analog cinema maintain a fruitful dialogue revealed through the static and the moving image, figuration and abstraction, forest and city, color and black & white, silence and sound. Films –on super 8 and 16 mm– and photographic slides exchange aesthetic properties and formal parameters in a dialectical proposal. (AA)

Albert Alcoz
Analog films and digital video created from a formal experimentation directed towards an anti-illusionist perception. Research on multiple aesthetic and conceptual choices of film formats –such as super 8 and 16mm– is the main axis around which revolves an heiress practice avant-garde cinema. The found footage film, the structural film, the lyrical film and the cameraless film are some of the areas explored in works with craft techniques and systematic conceptions with process influences. They are experimental films, video creations and music videos which reveal the intricacies of the means employed, discussing their value as a naturalistic representation, to test its expressive possibilities.

Blanca Viñas
"My artistic practice focuses on exploring the essence of photography as a medium of expression. Intervening in the process of shooting or manipulating the negative -through multiple exposures, filters and unusual optics, or altering the chemical properties of celluloid, I imagine interpretations of what surrounds me. Through the application of techniques of plastic character with random effects, I discover the limits of photography. At the end of the day it is only a subjective and personal representation of my direct environment." (BV)



Sunday, August 28, 2016 - 20:30


  • Bürknerstr 12
    12047   Berlin
    52° 29' 35.88" N, 13° 25' 22.44" E